5 Facts about Lindsay Hubbard: Her Family, Beau, & Net Worth

Last Updated : December 12, 2023

Summer House Star Lindsay Hubbard [Photo: Instagram/lindshubbs]

Lindsay Hubbard grew up in a loving family with utmost love and care. She is one of the lucky people as she has multiple mother figures who are role models to her.

Because of her presence in the limelight, people wonder about her personal life. Here’s everything about her.

Hubbard’s Aunt Rhonda Filled in the Role of Her Mother

In one of the episodes of The Summer House, the weekend was dubbed “Momtons,” with various mothers joining the crew. It also included Aunt Rhonda of Linsay Hubbard, one of the show’s cast members.

In that episode, Hubbard stated that Rhonda is a mother figure to her and footed up to her mother’s role. She shares a close relationship with her aunt.

Lindsay Hubbard with her mother figure. [Photo: Lindsay Hubbard’s Instagram]

Furthermore, Rhonda has done justice to her given role as a mom by showing concern toward her. She wanted Hubbard to be happy & desired that she could find someone so she could stop complaining.

The full name of Hubbard’s aunt is Rhonda Wilkins, and she has kept a low-key profile. Moreover, the beautiful lady occasionally posts about her aunt on her social media handles.

Hubbard is Close to her Stepmother

Lindsay Hubbard shares a close relationship with her stepmother, Carolyn, and loves her immensely. Also, she has often made sure to wish her during Mother’s Day on her social media accounts.

Lindsay Hubbard with her loving stepmother. [Photo: Lindsay Hubbard’s Instagram]

In addition, Hubbard thanks Carolyn for raising her with strength, love, and grace. The Winter House cast expresses she loves her so much, and fans have witnessed it via her Instagram.

The celebrity personality once noted that she wouldn’t be where she is today without Carolyn in her life. Hubbard consistently and with a purpose reached success because of her stepmother.

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Lindsay Hubbard Has a Joyful Father

Lindsay Hubbard’s father is the happiest person she has ever known. She does several fun things with him, such as spending time in the sea, fishing, and bowling.

Lindsay Hubbard with her father. [Photo: Lindsay Hubbard’s Instagram]

Furthermore, the love Hubbard has for her dad is untouchable. She continues to spend more fun moments with him, strengthening the daughter-father bond even more.

However, Hubbard’s dad is likely a private personality, and there aren’t many details about him. Also, he doesn’t have a social media account.

Hubbard headed toward sharing a marital life like her dad. However, it didn’t happen as she split with her fiance, Carl Radke.

Hubbard’s Ex-fiance Parents Are Separated

Hubbard shared a close relationship with her ex-fiance’s parents, who divorced in 2019. He shared on season three of Summer House.

Lindsay Hubbard with her ex-fiance. [Photo: Lindsay Hubbard’s Facebook]

Carl Radke shared that the divorce of his parents took a huge toll on him. He noted, “That’s what makes me so cautious about getting into a long-term relationship with someone like Lindsay, who I care about deeply.”

Speaking of Radke and Hubbard’s relationship, she cited her ex-fiance didn’t have the level of commitment that she needed in a relationship. Their expectations didn’t align, and that’s where it all went wrong.

Nevertheless, both have moved on and ended their romantic relationship on a good note. They got engaged in August 2022, and Radke gave her a 4.02-carat engagement ring while proposing to her.

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In the Showbiz Industry Since 2017

Lindsay Hubbard has made an admirable net worth through her work in the showbiz business. She is a television personality who debuted in the TV series Vanderpump Rules.

Likewise, she has been famous for her appearance in Summer House since 2017. Hubbard has also appeared in Winter House for nine episodes from 2021 to 2022.

According to Glassdoor, the average yearly earning of a television personality is $46K to $86K. She must be earning similar to or even more based on her popularity.