Ashley Hesseltine’s Boyfriend Is A Familiar Face In Her Instagram Now

Last Updated : November 27, 2023


Ashley Hesseltine is dating her dashing boyfriend, a common occurrence on her social media handles. She doesn’t miss featuring him on her Instagram.

Here is everything you need to know about her love life and their romantic journey.

Frequently Uploads Photos Alongside Her Boyfriend

As noted earlier, Ashley Hesseltine’s boyfriend is a known face to her fans on her social media accounts. Whenever she hangs out with her friends or does other activities, she also posts pictures alongside him.

Hesseltine shares a blissful relationship with her partner. Likewise, they share smiles and capture beautiful moments, as witnessed on her social media.

Furthermore, many took to Reddit to discuss the topic of Hesseltine’s partner and gave their opinions. One of the users even cited that they began dating each other in May 2023.

Also, some people were surprised that she began dating him in May. They questioned stuff like, “Ashley has a boyfriend? I think he’s made up, etc.”

People discussed about Ashley Hesseltine’s boyfriend on Reddit. [Photo: Reddit]

Netizens also admired her partner for having pretty eyes, a nice smile, and a strong hairline. The user recalled his hair was the first he noticed about him.

After some digging, netizens also found the name of the person Hesseltine was dating. They revealed his name to be Shshank Samuel after seeing his LinkedIn username.

Moreover, the Reddit user also noted that Hesseltine’s boyfriend lives on the other side of the country. The user also said his family wants him to get married, as per his Instagram posts.

One of the users also cited their relationship as not lasting. However, the writer is also curious about how their long-distance plays out and likely doubts if their romantic life will work out.

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Hesseltine’s Partner Works at Tesla

Shshank Samuel is a senior service advisor at Tesla, a multinational automotive and clean energy company. He joined Tesla in July 2017 and has been working there since then.

Likewise, Shshank is well-settled and earns admirable money working in a reputed company. The average earning of a senior service advisor is $44,500, and he may make something similar to it.

Shshank Samuel with his partner, Ashley Hesseltine. [Photo: Ashley Hesseltine’s Instagram]

Before working at Tesla, Shshank formerly worked at Herbs Chambers BMW of Sudbury. He served the company as a service advisor and head of transportation while working there.

Moreover, Hesseltine’s partner joined Woburn Memorial High School in 2005 and graduated with a high school diploma in 2009. He later attended Middlesex Community College from 2009 to 2012.

In addition, Shshank’s zodiac sign is Libra. Hesseltine appears satisfied with his zodiac as she once shared an Instagram post and captioned, “Libra men, who knew!”

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Some Netizens Were Surprised How Much They Hang Out Together

As noted earlier, the loving duo share a long-distance relationship. Regardless, Hesseltine and her partner constantly hanging out with each other has surprised some netizens.

People are stunned at how he manages to keep his 9-5 job at Tesla while hanging out with Hesseltine every other weekend. They also question if it isn’t difficult for him to visit her with hybrid setups or flexible hours.

Reddit users discussed Ashley Hesseltine’s boyfriend. [Photo: Reddit]

The user noted that Hesseltine’s beau lives on the other side of the country, making it difficult to meet her. Yet, he managing to visit her regarding flight and hotel costs makes Netizens assume she is paying for everything.

Some even worried that he might use her thinking to get social exposure. Similarly, they don’t see it lasting long-term as differences and distance will be a strain.

In conclusion, many have doubted their romantic relationship and rooted for them. Nonetheless, they enjoy their lovely moments together now, and time will tell how long their love life lasts.