Chief Market Analyst Lynette Zang: Family, Net Worth And Husband

Last Updated : October 11, 2023

ITM Trading Chief Market Analyst Lynette Zang [Photo: Instagram/lynettezang]

Lynette Zang is the current Chief Market Analyst at ITM Tradic. She has gained fame as a popular media figure.

Because of her growing fame, people have been curious to know about her personal details, including her husband, family, and many more.

The Daughter of an Architect

Unfortunately, the birth details of the analyst remain a mystery. Nevertheless, she was welcomed by her dad, William Zang, and her mom, Lillian Zang. She grew up “in a pretty typical orthodox Jewish family” in Kingston.

Zang’s dad, William, was an architect who developed homes in the Hillside Acres section of the Town of Ulster. He even named a street there for each of his kids.

Her street was named “Lynette Blvd,” and her sister Elaine Zang’s street was called “Lainey Lane” because it was later that she changed her name to Elena.

Lynette’s dad named streets after her and her siblings. [Photo: Instagram]

Unfortunately, both of Lynette’s parents have already passed away.

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Grew Up in a Family of Nine

Zang was one of the seven children of her parents. She grew up in Kingston, New York, with her sisters, Sari Powazek, Beth-Ellen Zang, Elena Zang, and Norma Goldschlag, and brothers, Dr. Kerry Zang and Dr. Stephen Zang.

Unfortunately, her brother Stephen passed away on November 17, 2002. Seven years later, on September 21, 2009, she lost her sister, Norma.

Then, on August 20, 2020, Lynette lost her other sister, Elena.

Her Studies on Gold Began with her Uncle

Zang went to the University of Arizona in 1972, where she majored in Business Finance and graduated in 1975. Prior to transferring there, she went to Fairleigh Dickenson University and then to England’s Wroxton College.

Her involvement in financial markets dates back to 1964. That was the year Zang started her studies on collectibles and gold via her uncle, who was a high-end antique dealer in New York.

In 1964, Zang started studying about gold. [Photo: Lynette Zang Instagram]

Also, thanks to her architect dad’s contacts in local commercial banking, she started her banking career at the age of 15.

After earning her degree in Business Finance, she was involved in commercial banking until 1986. It was at that time when she made a shift to investment banking with Larson Lehman/American Express. This would also mark the start of her career as a stock broker.

Since 2002, she has been working as the Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading.

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Zang’s Journey at ITM Trading

The time Lynette Zang joined ITM Trading was when gold was severely undervalued.

At the same time, the US dollar was nearing its all-time high currency value. She put effort into creating a database that would track client assets and execute the same strategy she established for herself that was based on repeatable patterns.

After that, Zang made a database to record every fundamental asset class and detected long-term currency trend cycles. Her goal, which was to help clients survive and sustain through the global currency life cycle, has been successful so far.

Furthermore, at ITM, Zang upholds the mission of education, teaching people how to find out the underlying truth of the markets and make wise decisions suited to the best interests of people.

Over the years, Zang has been a master of ceremonies at several educational conferences nationwide, giving speeches on currencies. She has also been a host of monthly webinar series combining images, animations, and text to help people know the reality of all markets.

Not only that, she also shares her publications through her blog and ITM Trading’s weekly webinars.

Lynette Zang’s Net Worth And Earnings

Zang has been working in the financial field for markets for almost six decades now. In all those years of being involved in the said field, she might have made a considerable income.

According to, a Senior Market Analyst at ITM Trading makes $58,993 per year. Likewise, as per Glassdoor, a Chief Market Analyst earns $306,259 per year in the USA.

Lynette is the Chief Market Analyst. [Photo: Lynette Zang’s Instagram]

Thus, Zang might have also earned around the range. That’s not it; she has also been involved in various other ventures.

Zang is the founder of The Jewel of Encanto Urban Farm. It is an urban farm full of plants and animals in order to provide a sustainable living system.

Moreover, she also hosts the ITM Trading Podcast. Through this podcast, she discusses different financial topics like the global market, gold price control, stock markets, and others.

Thus, from all these ventures, Lynette Zang might have a commendable net worth.

Her Personal Life

While Lynette Zang’s professional life is like an open book, the same cannot be said about her personal life. It is not known if she has been married or who her partner is.

Zang has managed to keep this aspect of life hidden despite being in the limelight. Her Instagram features photos of her gardening, farming, and her podcast episodes.

Talking of which, Zang, who currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, has more than 6.4K followers on her Instagram.