Maddie Moate Unfollowed Her Soon To be Husband

Last Updated : December 12, 2023

TV Presenter Maddie Moate and Greg Foot [Photo: Facebook/maddiemoatepresenter]

Maddie Moate and her soon-to-be husband, Greg Foot, had a blissful relationship. The couple was one step closer to marriage after celebrating their engagement ceremony.

However, some twists have occurred in their love story as neither have appeared on each other’s social handles recently. So, speculations have arisen about whether they have broken up. Let’s learn the details about it.

Stopped Posting Couple Pictures on Their Social Media

Maddie Moate and Greg Foot, once considered a lovey-dovey couple, have likely hit a bump. The rumors of their split have risen as both have stopped following each other on Instagram.

Furthermore, the loving duo has not only unfollowed each other but also has stopped featuring each other. She last featured him on her Instagram account in September 2022.

Maddie Moate with her sweet partner. [Photo: Maddie Moate’s Instagram]

A similar response comes from her partner, Foot. He has also stopped uploading pictures with her, and the last time they appeared together on his social handle was in November 2022.

However, both haven’t deleted each other’s pictures from their social media account. Whether the couple has hit the bump remains a mystery with no concrete proof. Nevertheless, they might have decided to keep their romantic life under wrap away from the prying public eyes.

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Got Engaged in Thailand

Maddie Moate made her partner soon-to-be husband when she had the engagement ceremony in Thailand. Similarly, many didn’t know about their engagement for long as they didn’t tell anyone for ages.

After some time, they unveiled the news of their engagement, sharing it on their social media handles. They had already spent a few weeks as an engaged couple when the news was announced.

Maddie Moate showed her engagement ring. [Photo: Maddie Moate’s Instagram]

Once, Moate made a Facebook post and cited announcing something special in September 2022. Her comments were full of marriage or pregnancy comments, and she had to address that wasn’t the case.

In the same post, some even commented that the YouTuber had already tied the knot. One of the users penned, “You got married and those gorgeous holiday pictures were honeymoon.”

Furthermore, in August 2018, Moate’s soon-to-be husband hinted at their marriage while they attended her sister’s wedding, citing not theirs yet. However, neither of them has updated about their marriage as of writing.

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More About Her Fiance

Maddie Moate’s partner, Greg Foot, is a science journalist, producer, and presenter. He also has been writing, hosting & producing science content for 15+ years across TV, radio, YouTube, podcast, and stage.

Moreover, he uploads an enterprising interactive live show for families on his YouTube channel. Presently, he writes & hosts a weekly BBC Radio 4 show & podcast called Sliced Bread.

Foot also used to appear with Moate on her YouTube channel, where she uploaded travel vlogs and other entertaining content. He last appeared on the theme park vlog posted on October 26, 2022.

In addition to his journalism work, he is also an athlete and sports lover. Greg has competed in the fitness race Hyrox Pro, in which he came fifth in his age group. It was his first time officially competing in it.

Greg Foot competed at the Hyrox Pro Race. [Photo: Greg Foot’s Instagram]

Before competing in Hyrox Pro, he formerly participated in Hyrox Opens, which he has been running for the past year. Greg is the winner of Hyrox America, which he has featured on his Instagram bio.

While his career appears to be an open book, the same cannot be said