Malcolm Mays’ Mother Tried To Keep Him Away From The Streets

Last Updated : December 4, 2023


Malcolm Mays has received wide fame through his acting and music career in the showbiz world. Also, he has stolen people’s hearts for his acting work in Powerbook III: Raising Kanan.

He didn’t always have the fame he enjoys now and had to work hard to achieve it. Let’s learn the details of it.

Mays’s Mother Tried Her Best for Him

Malcolm Mays credits his grandmom and mother for his acting career. While growing up, his mom always tried to do different things to keep him off the street, and acting was one of them.

Mays cares about his mom and grandmother a lot. Furthermore, he always makes sure to have money and manages all business ventures so that they have something.

Malcolm Mays’ has a loving mother. [Photo: Malcolm Mays’ Instagram]

Mays’s mother and grandmother also suffered some hard times in the past. They hid on the first floor of an apartment & also hid in the air mattress in the bathroom-type room.

Furthermore, the actors never forget the audition memories from Snowfall as he did the screen test for it on Mother’s Day time.

It seems Mays loves his mother immensely and gives her some credit for shaping his acting career. Also, he never misses mentioning his grandmother whenever possible.

In addition, Mays’s mother and father had a separation period. In a podcast, he mentioned that they still date each other and got back together after some split period.

Likewise, Mays admires John Singleton, an American director and screenwriter. Singleton is the director of the prominent movie Four Brothers, released in 2005

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Father Figure John Singleton

Malcolm Mays has known John Singleton since he was at the age of 16 to 17. Furthermore, he was taught how to invest in himself by Singleton & they first got to know each other when Mays did his movie.

At some point, Singleton had a tense relationship with his baby boy, and Mays wasn’t really around his dad, in his opinion. So, they both filled in for the relationship of father and son they were looking for.

John Singleton is Malcolm Mays’s father figure. [Photo: John Singleton’s Instagram]

In addition, Singleton also wanted Mays to go to school and study filmmaking. They were reunited when Mays auditioned for Snowfall, and John was screen-testing it.

During Mays’s screen-testing, Singleton said that’s my son, and he thought it was amazing. Overall, Singleton was one of the important people to him.

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Mays Is a Father Himself, What About His Baby Mama?

The American Filmmaker is a father, per the details of CULTURED. He is a caring and responsible father who tries not to lose money so that his son can have something likely to make him financially stable.

However, Mays is a private personality and hasn’t shared about his kids, keeping it low-key. He is likely keeping his children away from the reach of unnecessary public attention. Also, he has remained mum about his baby mama.

Malcolm Mays is a father. [Photo: Malcolm Mays’s Instagram]

Also, people may be curious to see if the musician’s child will follow in his footsteps and pursue a career in the showbiz industry. They will have to wait and see if Mays’s kid pursues a similar career or another.

In conclusion, Mays has earned widespread fame due to his family, especially his mother and grandmom. He continues to love his family and will likely be a responsible father toward his kid.