Margie Ellisor and Her Boyfriend Broke Off Their Engagement

Last Updated : February 12, 2024

FOX 2 News Anchor Margie Ellisor [Photo: Facebook/margie.ellisor]

The co-anchor at FOX 2 News, Margie Ellisor, was engaged to her boyfriend, Rafer Weigel. Her fiance shared the great news on his social media.

However, it appears that the pair has broken off their engagement. Did you know he now has found love again? But what about her?

Ellisor’s Former Boyfriend Has Already Moved On

In November 2023, Ellisor shared a photo with a woman and wrote, “A year ago on my first day on the job at @kusinews a stately and attractive producer dropped a coffee on my desk and said “good luck”. Today we moved into our condo we bought together in #sandiego. I’d say luck was indeed on my side.”

Ellisor’s former boyfriend has already moved on. [Photo: Instagram]

However, he did not reveal her name or identity then. In December 2023, he shared a video that featured some clips of the great time they had at the San Diego Botanic Garden and San Diego Balboa Park.

All in all, Ellisor’s former beau, Weigel, has been in a relationship with Angel Russell. He made his social media debut with her in November 2023 when he announced that they were buying a new house.

As stated in his Instagram post, the couple met when they were working at KUSI Television. There, she worked as a Senior News Producer while he has been working as a News Anchor/Reporter.

Furthermore, the duo now enjoy quality time with their blended family. Meaning, they both have children from their previous relationship.

Ellisor’s then boyfriend shares a son, Heathcliff John Weigel, with his former wife, Tiffany Weigel. On the other hand, his girlfriend is also a proud mother to her son, Caden.

Overall, the duo is taking really good care of their kids while also enjoying their blissful relationship.

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Ellisor’s Beau Penned a Heart-Warming Caption After They Got Engaged

As mentioned earlier, before dating Russell, Weigel and Ellisor were in a relationship. It remains a mystery regarding how long the couple dated, but they eventually took their relationship to the next level by getting engaged.

In December 2020, he shared a few photos and penned a heart-warming caption as he revealed their engagement. He stated,

“This year I received the greatest #christmas present of all. My best friend of 5 years Margie Ellisor TV made me the happiest man in the world by agreeing to marry me.”

Ellisor had stood by her boyfriend’s side during his darkest days, and those times brought them even closer. He stated that because of this, he believed negative circumstances could be blessings depending on how one reacts and learns from them.

Ellisor’s fiance further wrote, “I’m so grateful for her and the happiness and prosperity that lies ahead for us and our family. Now if we can only find a venue available in 2021!”

Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between the pair, and they broke off their engagement. However, the reason behind their breakup remains a mystery as neither of them have spoken anything regarding the matter.

Ellisor and Weigel got engaged. [Photo: Facebook]

Talking about Weigel’s past relationship, in September 2019, his former girlfriend, Kathy Browne, was charged with a misdemeanor count of allegedly downloading compromising pictures of the Valparaiso woman off his phone and sending them back to her.

The same month, the woman asked for and received a protective order against Browne. In November 2019, Browne asked for a protective order from the woman to be dismissed.

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Weigel’s Ex-Girlfriend Is a Proud Mama of Three

Weigel’s ex-girlfriend Ellisor is a proud mother of three children whom she welcomed with her former partner. She spends quality time with them and often shares photos of them on her social media.

One of Ellisor’s children, Evan Sweeney, graduated from Rockwood Summit High School in May 2022. She highlighted her eldest child and his friends during the Senior Salute segment.

Furthermore, Ellisor stated that many viewers were pregnant at the same time as her, and they reached out to her to let her know they’d been watching her babies grow up with theirs.

Moreover, Ellisor’s daughter, Taylor Sweeney, was born in November 2005, and her youngest son, Jordan Sweeney, was born in September 2007.

While Ellisor preferably keeps her relationship details under wraps as of now, she never fails to share about her kids. The family of four seems to be having a great time together.