Unveiling the Details About Maureen Dowd’s Dating Life

Last Updated : November 30, 2023

Maureen Dowd

Maureen Dowd, the columnist and author of Are Men Necessary, has been in a relationship with many men. She is still friends with some of the guys who she was dating in the past.

However, her relationship with them didn’t work out, and she has yet to find the man of her dreams.

Dowd Sent a Randy E-mails to Her Colleague

Dowd was in a long-term relationship with the famed American playwright, screenwriter, and film director Aaron Sorkin. And, many whispers were going about them when she was going out with him.

People discovered something was brewing between them when the New York Post reported that she had mistakenly sent some randy e-mails to her colleague Andrew Ross Sorkin, which were intended for Aaron in 2001.

The columnist was dating Sorkin in the early 2000s. [Photo: Dowd’s Instagram]

The screenwriter had also visited her home in Georgetown and described it as the hybrid of the House of the Rising Sun and the New York Public Library.

Further, he even said she was a dream girl; from his view, she seemed like the actress who stepped out of a movie in her forties. He said that if Raita Hayworth, an American actress, were a writer, that would be Dowd.

The former couple would also take a trip and meet in New York or Hawaii for some days. Dowd would be like the assistant wardrobe mistress as she used to carry five suitcases with her during the trips. He thought that could bring her some comfort.

He also never understood why she would jump up and down twice a week due to the color of attire she wore at an event in the State of the Union.

After they broke up, he said that Dowd would describe him as a close friend, genius, and a guy she used to date. Furthermore, the columnist also recently mentioned him in her tweet.

She asked, “What happens in Hollywood when AI evolves enough to write like Aaron Sorkin.” Nevertheless, the former couple are still friends and are on good terms.

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She Refused to Admit That She Was Dating

Maureen was dating another reporter, John Tierney, back in 2005, but she was obsessively private about it. She had kept their romantic life so low-key that her former partner told her to go to a clinical psychologist.

Further, Tierney even thought she was treating their relationship as an affair. The reporter even assumed she was ashamed of going out with him but knew that her secretiveness was one of her charms.

Dowd had kept her relationship with Tierney a secret from everyone. [Photo: Dowd’s Instagram]

They shared the same bathroom in their adjoining office, as he also worked for the same company as her. Moreover, Maureen also guessed that it could have ended up happening if they had gotten married. But that didn’t happen as they broke up secretly.

Even though she criticizes men, she gets plenty of dates and gets asked out often. She has also thought about how much more would have asked her out if guys weren’t scared of her.

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Dowd Was Seen Together With Her Former Partner, Michael Douglas

Dowd had also dated another guy from the film industry in the late 90s. He was none other than the Oscar winner Michael Douglas. She began to go out with him right before the actor married a Welsh actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones, in 2000.

She had described him as a friendly and romantic guy. When Douglas asked her for dinner, she was nervous because he said he wasn’t scared of her.

Furthermore, during their relationship, she also became close to his father, Krik, and he shared a funny story with her. Moreover, the columnist and the actor were also seen together enjoying lunch at Rasika West End in 2015.

Additionally, her sister said that even though she intimidates men, she has had friends who said they would love to date her.

She has dated high-profile guys and has sparked a rumor of going out with Shawn McCreesh, as she has enjoyed drinks with him to celebrate her graduation.

However, she hasn’t stated anything about their relationship, and McCreesh has also kept his Instagram private. Overall, Dowd and Douglas are still friends even after 15 years of break up.