Maureen Kelly Loves Spending Time With Her Husband And Children

Last Updated : December 19, 2023

CEO of Tarte Cosmetics Maureen Kelly with her Partner and Sons [Photo: Instagram/itsmaureenkelly]

Life is like a stormy sea, unpredictable, sometimes filled with waves of blissfulness and sometimes filled with waves of sorrow.

Likewise, Maureen Kelly also had to go through a difficult time when her husband passed away. But she is now enjoying her life with her partner and two children.

Kelly and Her Fun-Filled Breaks With Husband and Children

The mother of two lovely children is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tarte Cosmetic, and her hands are filled with work. So, she has fun whenever she has free time.

Maureen Kelly and her son during one of her trips. [Photo: Kelly’s Instagram]

Kelly and her spouse, Scott, went to Puerto Rico a few months ago and had a thrilling and adventurous time there. They surfed and hung out under the beautiful tropical climate of an island.

The lovely lady and her family had previously visited Turkey, known for its places and delightful cuisine. She shared a picture of them enjoying a vibrant time on the relaxing beach.

Her family also likes to have fun on summer break, fall break, and many more. Recently, during October, Kelly enjoyed her fall break.

She swam, surfed, laughed, and spent quality time with her friends and family in Dorado Beach. Moreover, her husband is a great guy and used to help their sons get on their school bus.

Further, she has always enjoyed a long drive with her spouse to her office. Plus, the lovely couple leave the office simultaneously.

Overall, the busy mother has enjoyed her free time with her loved ones whenever she can.

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Both of Her Sons Seem To Be Athletic

Kelly’s sons, Sully McDonough, and Finn McDonough, are active and adventurous individuals interested in surfing. Further, Sully is a Lacrosse player.

He currently attends the IMG Academy’s Lacrosse School, the World’s most advanced sports and educational institute. On his Instagram account, he has posted mostly about lacrosse.

The athletic guy’s 2023 summer highlights are available on YouTube. Additionally, the muscular guy is an avid surfer with an immense love for the ocean. He has been playing lacrosse for seven years.

He is an attackman and is always looking for a teammate with a better look to score. The athlete is very competitive and constantly working to be better at Lacrosse.

On the other hand, Finn has stayed away from the limelight. Moreover, he is yet to make a post on his Instagram account.

But as he has also written ‘Img’ on his profile, the younger one could also be attending the same school as his brother.

Furthermore, the brothers are close to their parents and have taken their dates on their homecoming parties, which their mother organized.

Nevertheless, both of them are active and have well-built bodies.

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Kelly’s First Husband Lost His Life on 9/11

Kelly met her late husband, Mark Ludvigsen, at an East Side bar and exchanged wedding vows in 1998. At that time, he worked as a bond salesman for Keefe, Bruyette, and Woods, located on the eighty-ninth floor of the World Trade Center’s south tower.

Her previous spouse was known for his infectious laughter and was equally at ease with the janitor and CEO. The lovely guy was described as a “goofball” with a heart of gold.

Mark also loved playing rugby on the New York Athletic Club’s team and had planned to start a family with Kelly. But both were waiting until her cosmetic business, Tarte, took off.

Kelly lost her previous husband in a cruel terrorist attack.[Photo: Kelly’s Instagram]

But sadly, things took a drastic turn.

On September 11, 2001, after the north tower was hit, he called his mother, Christina Ludvigsen, and assured her he was fine. Further, the caring guy asked his mother to call him that night.

Unfortunatley. Mark lost his life in the attacks on the World Trade Center. However, his widow, Kelly, requested mourners to drink champagne, laugh to celebrate Mark’s life, tell silly jokes, and not wear black.

All in all, Kelly, his close friends, and relatives will never forget him.