Michael Koulianos Is Raising Three Kids With His Wife Jessica

Last Updated : November 20, 2023

Evangelist and Author Michael Koulianos with his wife Jessica [Photo: Instagram/jesskoulianos]

Michael Koulinos is enjoying his married life with his wife, Jessica Koulianos, and the couple, who is blessed with three lovely children, lives in Orlando, U.S.

Koulinos and Jessica are great parents and have responsibly raised their three kids with affection and care.

Father of Three Children: Two Sons and a Daughter

Their firstborn, Theo Koulianos, is one of the greatest honors of Jessica’s life. Moreover, he is into golf and has written Michael Scott’s quote in his Instagram bio. He is 17 years old as of 2023 and celebrates his birthday in December.

Theo had also played golf with his dad when he was a little boy. Plus, he seems to enjoy his life away from the limelight as he has kept his Instagram profile private.

After the birth of Theo, the Koulianos family was blessed with another kid, Benny Koulianos, who is smart, kind, and hilarious. Furthermore, the 15-year-old is following in his father’s footsteps.

He is the pastor at Jesus School and has taught about the incarnation of Jesus. Further, he also did a Q&A session with his third-year class.

Then, the Koulianos family was blessed with another child, with the arrival of their sweet little girl. Unlike the boys, Michael’s daughter seemingly prefers a life away from the limelight; not much has been known about her.

However, her dad once shared her picture and captioned, “Tonight my little girl have her heart to Jesus at Church! As a parent, this is the greatest reward.” Jessica and Koulianos are blessed with incredibly talented and beautiful children who have made their lives vibrant.

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Koulianos Has Been Married to His Wife for Nearly Two Decades Now

Koulianos and Jessica exchanged their wedding vows on September 25, 2004. Their wedding took place at the Crystal Cathedral, California.

Before marriage, while writing the journal, she asked the heavenly father for a man who would wake up praising Jesus and make the divine father his priority.

Koulianos knew that Jessica was fated to be his wife. [Photo: Jessica’s Instagram]

And Jessica thanked the lord for giving her everything her heart desired. Her life’s passion is to be a loving spouse who would always be there for him, and she would dedicate her life as his life partner.

Koulianos had met Jessica through his brother and wife, who called him to spend a night in California. The night he got there, Jessica opened the door of his home as she was the cousin of his brother’s spouse.

The minute he looked at her, he knew she was the one God had for him. That night, they went out together, and he wondered if she had any feelings for him but said she didn’t.

Later, she saved some movie tickets and said she had unique feelings for him. They were declared to be engaged by Jessica’s father. Fast forward to now, they celebrated 19 years of togetherness.

Jessica wrote, “Saying yes to you was the best decision I made after my yes to Jesus. You are the best husband a girl could ask for. You always make me feel so loved”

Overall, they both enjoy a happily married life and their three beautiful children.

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Jessica And Koulianos Founded Jesus Image

Jessica and Koulianos aren’t only partners in their personal life. But they have also worked together in their professional lives. The duo founded Jesus Image, which aims to bring Jesus to the world. Further, she has more than 60K followers on her Facebook and uses her platform to preach about God.

Jessica has worked together with her husband in her professional life. [Photo: Jessica’s Instagram]

As the co-founder and the director of Jesus School, she leads with profound authenticity and a prophetic voice. She has a unique depth of wisdom and insight and loves speaking to her students and church family at her home.

Furthermore, they have also taught and given speeches in the Jesus school. People gather in that school to be in Jesus’s presence and listen to the wise teachings of the pastors.

Nevertheless, she is an affectionate Jesus devotee and has worked with her husband professionally.