Michael Popok’s Eternal Vow: Embracing Life With Beloved Wife

Last Updated : December 2, 2023

Michael Popok with his wife, Natallia Minhina

Many likely don’t know, but Michael Popok shares a marital life with his wife, Natallia Minhina. After a year of being engaged, he has finally walked down the aisle with his fiance.

Here is everything you need to learn about his romantic journey with his partner.

Married His Wife in November 2023

As noted earlier, Michael Popok is officially married to his spouse, Natallia Minhina. They celebrated their special day on November 2023, and netizens were updated about it through his Twitter account.

During the wedding ceremony, the groom looked dashing in his tuxedo, while the bride wore a beautiful white gown that stole people’s hearts. Netizens showered them with congratulatory messages in comments on his post.

The marriage ceremony of Michael Popok and his wife. [Photo: Michael Popok’s Twitter]

Furthermore, Popok thanked MedasTouch Network and the family for their loving wishes on their special occasion. Also, his podcast pal, Ben Meiselas, congratulated them on their marriage.

Meiselas took to Twitter, providing his blessings for the Legal AF professor. He wished Popok and Minhina a life of love, health, prosperity, and democracy.

Popok cited three people who were extremely joyful about their wedding, featuring his spouse & their dog. He penned, “At least 3 people were ecstatic about our wedding this past Saturday. Here are at least 2 of them.”

Moreover, Popok’s mother was also very happy during her son’s special day. Sadly, he may have felt something empty due to the absence of his father, who passed away in 2015.

Before their marriage, they also enjoyed their engagement to the fullest. All in all, the couple has been enjoying their blissful marital life.

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Popok’s Adores His Soulmate

Michael Popok cannot express how thankful he is for this holiday season. Furthermore, Popok expressed that he enjoyed all the happy moments this year, and one of the reasons for this is his soulmate.

Furthermore, Popok doesn’t miss mentioning his better half whenever possible. Despite his busy work schedule, he often spares time to travel with his lover to different places.

One of the places the podcast host traveled with his significant other was Soho. In addition, the love birds also enjoyed greatly when they were in Central Park with their furry companion.

Michael Popok and his spouse visited Central Park. [Photo: Michael Popok’s Instagram]

The romantic duo’s furry companion is their dog Lili, which they adopted from Bideawee in Manhattan. She was rescued from the floods of Tennessee and stood on the shoulders of her spiritual dog sisters, Lucy & Gabby.

One of his fans was surprised he did his Legal Af podcast even during his marriage. However, he gave him the answer that he couldn’t do what he does without her and her support, giving her the credit.

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About His Partner, Natallia Minhina

Natallia Minhina is a C-Suite-level executive assistant with over ten years of experience. She has also been a chief of staff for global companies, including financial services, broker-dealers, and cryptocurrency companies.

In addition to a deep understanding of these markets, she speaks four languages with business-level fluency. The four languages Minhina speaks are English, Italian, Russian, and Belarusian.

Minhina has worked as executive assistant to the chief financial officer for Genesis, a premier financial services firm, since November 2021. She formerly worked for RooneyPartners as finance manager and HR manager.

Michael Popok’s wife, Natallia Minhina. [Photo: Michael Popok’s Instagram]

Moreover, Minhina completed her Bachelor of Arts from Belarusian State University in 2009. She also did her master’s degree in Philology-study of languages in 2006.

Popok’s wife also studied at Baruch College, gaining a human resources and services certificate in 2016.

In conclusion, Michael Popok shares a blissful married journey with his spouse, Natallia Minhina. Hopefully, they will continue capturing beautiful moments and sailing in their love boat without hindrance.