Morgan Kolkmeyer and Her Husband Are Raising Their Two Babies Well

Last Updated : December 14, 2023

WGN Meteorologist Morgan Kolkmeyer with her husband and kids [Photo: Instagram/morgankolkmeyer]

Meteorologist Morgan Kolkmeyer and her husband, Ryan Michel, enjoy a happily married life. Furthermore, they have already begun their journey into parenthood.

The lovely couple have two cute babies: a son named Brady and a daughter named Jaye.

Kolkmeyer And Her Husband Now Keep Their Children’s Faces Hidden

As stated above, Kolkmeyer and her husband are blessed with two kids. Their son, Brady, was born on Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

The little guy was six pounds, fifteen ounces, and eighteen inches long on the day of his birth. More than a year later, the meteorologist was seen with a belly bump.

During a weather presentation, she revealed the gender of her upcoming baby. And the meteorologist showed a picture of their son beside a balloon; on it was written, Baby girl.

The other newscasters congratulated her, and she said that her daughter, Jaye, was due in October 2021. Further, she felt so blessed to be carrying her sweet little girl.

Initially, the married duo were used to showing their children’s faces, but they have decided to keep it private and generally cover it with emojis.

Kolkmeyer and her husband have decided to keep their kids’ faces private as they grow. [Photo: Instagram]

During their daughter’s second birthday in September, the meteorologist said she was not trying to be cagey by not positing their faces.

Kolkmeyer just chose their privacy as they have gotten older. Plus, she has loved to share her family with the audiences that way.

Further, Brady and Jaye are active kids. They can both be seen playing with their pets and snow-shoveling grass in the open fields.

A few days ago, her son talked to a Santa for an hour and told him he wanted a waffle for this Christmas. Furthermore, the brother and sister both insisted on being french fries for Halloween.

All in all, the beautiful reporter and her spouse are caring parents who are still head over hills for one another.

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Celebrated Their Fifth Anniversary This Year

Kolkmeyer and her better half, Ryan, exchanged their wedding vows on April 14, 2018, in Harvard, IL. Since then, they have never looked behind.

The meteorologist uploaded their matrimony pictures on their fifth anniversary a few months ago with the caption, “The big 5.”

Kolkmeyer and her spouse have enjoyed their fifth wedding anniversary. [Photo: Kolkmeyer’s Instagram]

She once made a funny post about what it was like being married to her husband. The lovely lady said it’s hearing a loud sawing noise, only to find him carving a giant hole in your garage ceiling.

Well, Ryan had done it so he could swing a golf club, and two weeks later, he built a makeshift golf simulator. Further, another humorous incident happened on the WGN channel.

A man named Michael Olesksik, who was accused of punching an ATM, resembled her current spouse, Ryan. When Kolkmeyer’s co-workers read the story, they started to crack up because he looked just like her partner.

When the photos were shown side by side, she could see why others would think that. Further, people who knew her came to her and said they had felt she was her boyfriend.

The audience also made some jokes about that case of mistaken identity.

Moreover, Ryan’s mother also went with the flow and commented, “I taught my boy better than that.”

Overall, the lovely pair have led a romantic life with a pinch of sarcasm and have supported one another for half a decade.

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Who Is Kolkmeyer’s Husband Ryan?

Kolkmeyer’s partner, Ryan Michel, is a Project Manager at W.E. O’Neil Construction. He has a Bachelor of Science(BS) in Civil Engineering degree. During college, he was a Student-Athlete at his university’s urban campaign.

The 32-year-old started his career as an Intern at the Village of Barrington for four months. Then, he became a Project Engineer Intern at W.E. O’Neil Construction.

After that, he worked as a Project Engineer at the same company for three years. He was promoted to Assistant Project Manager and served for over two years.

Afterward, the engineer was promoted to Project Manager and has worked as one since January 2020. Altogether, Ryan has served the company for almost a decade.

Besides his professional career, the sweet guy has kept his Instagram account private but can be seen enjoying romantic times with his wife.

Nevertheless, the duo has led a balanced professional and family life.