Myron Golden’s More Than 3 Decades Of Marital Life With Wife

Last Updated : October 30, 2023

Author and YouTuber Myron Golden and his wife Tonie Golden [Photo: Instagram/myrongolden]

Myron Golden shares a blissful marital life with his wife, Tonie Golden.

He has cherished his beautiful love journey with his spouse by sharing it on his social media account.

Myron Golden’s Cheerful Marital Journey With His Wife, Tonie Golden

Myron Golden has been with his wife, Tonie Golden, for quite a long time. They have been sharing their strong marital bond for over three decades.

During an Interview session on the FAM Project, Golden mentioned they had completed the milestone of 34 years of marriage on August 25, 2021.

His love for Tonie is not questioned, which fans have witnessed through his social pages. One of the evidence is Golden’s social post in 2018, in which he wrote, “I want to share a lifetime of experiences with my beautiful wife Tonie every year!

Well, the lovebirds also share a good sense of humor.

Golden once shared a post on his social media, pouring humorous and lovely thoughts about her in his caption. He penned, “I love to go to the gun range with my wife. And I’m glad she can protect her self when I’m not around. She’s a real straight shooter if you know what I mean.[sic]”

Myron Golden wife
As Myron Golden, he enjoys going to gun range with his partner. [Photo: Instagram]

Recently, he even uploaded an Instagram post with some bible lines featuring his better half. Overall, they have been sharing an undying bond and are looking forward to adding more beautiful chapters to their love life.

Golden and his wife are the parents of two children, Deedee Breski and Anthony Golden. He has spoken about how his entrepreneurial life has influenced his kids in shaping their future.

Golden even shared about his son, Anthony, who said he would pursue his footsteps if his athletic career didn’t work out. Golden was surprised by Anthony’s decision as he believed his kids thought their father was an idiot for pursuing an entrepreneurial career.

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Both Of The Pair’s kids Are Doing Well In Their Career

Golden’s daughter shares a successful marital life with her husband, John Breski. They exchanged their wedding vows in 2012 and are incredibly bonded with each other, having no hindrance.

In addition, Golden is already a grandparent, as his daughter has welcomed a daughter with John. Their daughter’s name is Ari Breski, and Deedee often features her on Instagram.

Myron Golden's daughter Deedie Breski
Deedee Breski with her daughter Ari Breski. [Photo: Deedee Breski’s Instagram]

Deedee often accompanied her father during various talk campaigns. As shared on his Instagram post, she helped Golden at the sales and marketing super conference.

Furthermore, Golden’s Daughter has an official YouTube channel under the username @deedeebreski. She uploads various content relating to personal growth and other beneficial topics.

Golden also, at times, shares about his son, Anthony Golden. He once shared an Instagram post and captioned, “I had a great time in Boise hanging out with one of the smartest people I know, my son Anthony Golden!”

Anthony is also involved in his father’s Mastery Boot Camp.

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Was Myron Golden Previously Married Before?

Several sites have claimed that Golden was married to Gwendolyn Inman Bethea. They reportedly had their wedding ceremony on August 1, 1970, and sadly, in 1978, Gwendolyn passed untimely.

There are also reports that the duo shared a young daughter before their marriage ended. However, no concrete evidence supports the claim of Golden’s marriage to Gwendolyn and their daughter.

Plus, according to Myron Golden Live, Golden remarried a woman named Chevaunne Ingrid Powell after the demise of Gwendolyn Inman Bethea. They walked down the aisle on August 7, 1993.

Until and unless Golden himself clears out things, there will remain some confusion surrounding his marital life.