Poker Player Nik Airball’s Net Worth, Wife, and Real Name

Last Updated : November 25, 2023

Nik Airball

Nikhil Arcot, AKA Nik Airball, nearly lost a million dollars in a week while threatening to bankrupt another player. Well, that backfired him.

The trash-talking poker claimed that he earned his money from the trust funds, and he said that his family is of trust funds.

Nik Airball Lost $759,000 In One Session: His Current Net Worth

The despair on his face was evident when Nik Airball lost $759,000 in one session and nearly a million dollars during that week of March. The self-proclaimed king of LA poker now struggles with a severe decline in net worth.

However, Airball had also won $1.1 million in profits before going down the spiral. Further, he also trash-talked his opponents when he was winning. But fate had turned its tables, and he was left with an awe-inspiring face after losing $759,000 in Southern California.

Moreover, he has instantly burned a lot of his money while betting aggressively and without a thought. The poker instantly made ashes out of his $200,000 after he continued to bet against another player, Stanley Choi, who had an admirable opening hand of Ace-Jack off-suit.

Airball had lost $200K while competing against Stanley Choi. [Photo: Twitter]

However, he had nothing and still tried to show off like he had a big hand by betting $30,000. Choi’s attitude didn’t change, but he doubted that Airlball could have a higher pair.

Eventually, the trash-talking poker felt he had only one way left and bet almost $160K to threaten Choi. Choi was a non-believer, made a hero call, and won a $405,200 pot.

That wasn’t the only game where Airball had torched his money, as he has a history of epic fails. Furthermore, he had also lost an $825K pot while he clashed against Benjamin Lee, AKA blankcheckben.

On the other hand, many viewers have enjoyed his loss, and some have commented, “Life is easy; I see Nik lose, I click.” Another viewer also felt good to watch his ego getting crushed and found it heartwarming.

Well, it’s speculated that he has an estimated net worth of $8 million to $10 million, but he lost a considerable amount during March, which could have affected his overall net worth.

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His Wife Is Happy With His Gambling Lifestyle

Airball’s wife is a nurse who makes $125K a year; however, he loses that amount instantly. He has felt disgusted to lose his wife’s eight years of earnings in a month; however, she hasn’t said anything about that.

His wife isn’t worried about the way he plays poker. [Photo: Reddit]

Nik Airball has an open relationship with his wife and doesn’t keep secrets. And they would have a conversation if he had to take a massive amount of money. He said people don’t need to worry as he has the money and will be fine.

His wife is okay with him gambling and doesn’t worry about anything. A Reddit user has said, “She isn’t worried because the trust fund is still friendly and healthy. At the same time, another one wrote that their marriage was doomed and was surprised it wasn’t over yet.

All in all, he has kept the information about his wife away from the limelight but has said that she is happy with his gambling lifestyle.

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Are His Parents Rich?

According to one of the Reddit users, the gambler’s parents are wealthy. They could have given him a blank check or continued to give him money regularly. Further, he has also said that his family has earned money from the trust funds.

The same user assumed that his parents provided the money for business ventures/investments. And he could have kept his gambling a secret from them. Besides that, he has kept his folks away from the limelight.

Redditors discuss the financial background of his parents. [Photo: Reddit]

Furthermore, he used to work in finance and investment banking. However, he left his job there and is currently playing poker. He is also trying to venture into capital stuff and some investments. He said he made money from his job, poker, and public stock market investments.

Another Reddit user has said he is an intelligent dude who made money in investment banking and finance. And his father is his biggest fan, and his family gives him nothing. Overall, he has kept the information about his parents private and said that he has earned the money.