Nikki Howard Had Mentioned Her Boyfriend, What About Him Now?

Last Updated : November 6, 2023

Comedian and Model Nikki Howard [Photo: Instagram/nikki_howard]

Nikki Howard has made various clips and YouTube content around relationships. A few months ago, she made a sarcastic video about if she could interview a potential boyfriend.

Moreover, she tweeted a clip where she became an undercover boss for her on-stage beau. Furthermore, the girl also revealed that she was excited to meet her lover way back in 2010.

Howard Got the Best Compliment from Her Boyfriend’s Father

She mentioned her boyfriend for the first time in 2009 on Twitter. She expressed the absence of spontaneity in her daily schedule and thanked her beau. Then, the YouTuber went to a blue martini with her partner’s mom and friends.

A year later, she was ready and excited to see her fantastic darling and couldn’t believe it had been a year and eight months. After a few days, she said she received the best compliment from her lover’s father.

Howard used to share tweets about her boyfriend. [Photo: Twitter]

Her beau’s father said that she was the best thing that ever happened to him. Her tweets revealed that she was close to her partner’s family. Besides that, nothing about her significant other is known.

However, she stopped tweeting about her beau due to unknown reasons yet to be revealed.

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Is Howard in a Relationship With Dillon Lane?

Howard was seen with Dillion Lane on the red carpet at the ‘People You May Know’ premiere. It was held at the Pacific Theaters at The Grove in Los Angeles, California.

At the beginning of the video, the photographers were taking snaps of him, and after a while, she appeared on the frame.

Howard with Lane on red carpet photoshoot. [Photo: MaximoTV/ Channel]

They both leaned toward each other while she kept her hands on Lane’s shoulders. They both smiled and posed for the camera to be seen talking to each other.

One user in the comment section penned, “Are they supposed to be a romantically linked couple?” Another had replied with a different comment, writing, “And this one is her boyfriend? Did you give a thumbs down?[SIC].”

However, the story from the Lane’s side is different. Several months ago, he had gone to take his dog on a walk with a girl named Karli Lar Durden.

On the post, he commented, “I’m not great with captions.” Moreover, the guy hasn’t said anything about that girl, and it’s unknown whether or not they are dating.

Likewise, Lane hasn’t said anything regarding Howard, and their bond has not yet been clearly stated.

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She Has Made Many Contents Surrounding Love Life

Howard is a comedian and makes new sketches every Wednesday. As mentioned earlier, a few months ago, she made a video on YouTube titled If You Could Interview Boyfriends, in which she played the role of interviewer.

Likewise, she has made various other videos like Undercover Boss But For Your Boyfriend, When You Lie On Dating Apps, and many more.

Howard while acting out as the Interviewer. [Photo: Nikki Howard YouTube/Channel]

She has done a fabulous job of acting out the awkward moments and fantasies regarding relationships. Howard has acted out with other men who have played the role of her on-screen partner in the video.

However, she has never said anything about her real life lover besides on Twitter. As a renowned celebrity, she might have decided to keep her romantic life away from people’s eyes. So, she has yet to reveal the man of her dreams to the public media.