Nikol Johnson’s Husband is A Man of Privacy

Last Updated : December 6, 2023

Entrepreneur and Founder of Nikol Beauty Cosmetics Nikol Johnson [Photo: Instagram/freshbeautystudio]

Nikol Johnson is a certified esthetician, multi-media makeup, and on-air beauty consultant. She has established her own beauty company, Fresh Beauty Studio.

Johnson always shares beauty-related content on her social media accounts. Other than that, she rarely shares details of her private life. As a result, people often wonder if she has a husband.

Married to Her Husband Since 2012

The licensed esthetician exchanged wedding vows with her hubby, Ray, on November 23, 2012, in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

The adorable couple celebrates their anniversary every year, and Johnson and her partner marked their eleventh year of marriage this year. Her partner is the love of her life and her best friend, with whom she is completely enamored.

She is grateful for a wonderful, supportive, caring, and loving other half. Furthermore, unlike her, Ray is an extremely private person.

Nikol Johnson and her beau, Ray, tied the knot in November 2012 [Source: Johnson’s Instagram]

As a result, she does not post him that much. But he means the world to her, so no wonder the lovely pair has been married for over a decade. Moreover, her very first Instagram post is of them kissing.

Furthermore, the makeup artist was a vegetarian before meeting her husband. As per her, she could not miss out on all his cooking from scratch, just like an amateur chef, so she started eating meat.

So, could it be Johnson’s hubby is a chef? Unfortunately, the information regarding it remains a mystery.

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The Pair Dated Only For Six Months

Most couples now wait several years before deciding to take their relationship to the next level, but this was not the case with Johnson.

The multi-media makeup artist and her partner dated only for six months and decided to take a further step in their romantic life.

The two had gone to high school together. The couple two reconnected through Twitter in 2011. Ray had just moved his office around the corner from her studio.

Six months into dating, the two got engaged on top of the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas. Furthermore, their engagement photo session was held on the island of Boca Grande, and they eventually tied the knot in 2012.

Nikol Johnson and Ray dated only for six months and got engaged at the top of the Eiffel Tower [Source: Johnson’s Instagram]

They both like traveling, working out together, and discovering the best restaurants in each city. Ray is her partner as well as her greatest friend.

She and her spouse had the amazing chance to design and construct their new home—from the textures and textiles to the molding in 2022. The lovely pair currently live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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Have Been Through Thick and Thin Together

The couple’s married life was not always full of sunshine as they have gone through many difficulties over the years.

They had tried to conceive for a couple of years. Unfortunately, Johnson and Ray were diagnosed with Unexplained Infertility from the very start of their journey. The challenging part of this discovery was that there isn’t much for anyone to go on when one falls into the category.

She made it through two IUIs, five IVF rounds, and one FET, and she even acquired all the medical books and persisted in her search for a solution. But, instead, from the injection, her hair went gray much faster than it should have.

Nikol Johnson and her spouse have gone through difficult times, which helped them to grow closer [Source: Johnson’s Instagram]

So, she became determined to create a second blog and YouTube channel to document her journey so that she could help inspire other women going through the dark and taboo world of infertility.

Nevertheless, she and her spouse have grown closer and stronger from their infertility journey. The pair have been together for over a decade and are still stronger than ever.

But both of them supported each other in their hard times. Even though they suffered a lot, the pair also spent precious time together. Johnson celebrates her special day each year with him.