Mallory Rubin & Her Husband, Married For More Than 8 Years Now

Last Updated : November 22, 2023

Editor and Podcaster Mallory Rubin and her husband Adam Levine [Photo: Instagram/malloryrubin]

Mallory Rubin shares a blissful marital life with her husband, Adam Levine. However, don’t mistake him for the lead singer of the music band Maroon 5, as he is a different person with an identical name.

Uncover Rubin’s romantic life with her spouse and how they fell in love with each other.

Married Since 2014

Mallory Rubin and her spouse exchanged their wedding vows on  June 14, 2014, in New York, United States. They didn’t do anything flashy and had a simple wedding, vowing to live together.

Mallory Rubin and her husband, Adam Levine. [Photo: Mallory Rubin’s Instagram]

Rubin took to her Instagram to share the news of their big day. She captioned and wrote, “Hey, we did it! Now Halo is no longer a Snow.”

At the loving duo’s wedding, the pastor impersonated a pirate, which has never been seen before. He wore a black eye patch on one of the eyes, and a patterned shawl covered his shoulders.

Furthermore, Rubin and Levine had their wedding near a seaside area. The groom looked stunning in a suit, while the bride looked fabulous in her white gown.

Altogether, their marriage was somewhat interesting and unique in a certain way.

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Always Have Fun on Their Anniversaries

Mallory Rubin and her other half, Adam Levine, have celebrated over eight wedding anniversaries. They celebrated their most recent anniversary by watching the film Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

In addition, Rubin also joked about the main lead actor, Harrison Ford, as her husband. She made a social post and wrote, “A lovely wedding anniversary with my two husbands, Adam and Harrison!”

Mallory Rubin watched Indiana Jones with her spouse. [Photo: Mallory Rubin’s Instagram]

The American editor and her life partner have zero normal photos from their wedding book. They have been doing something uncalled and funny pose during their photoshoots.

Likewise, the cake of Rubin and Levin during their marriage was also distinctive. At the top of their cake were two chairs with an umbrella in the middle.

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More About Rubin’s Husband Levine

Mallory Rubin is a loving wife who often features her spouse in her social media feeds. She shares lovely memories with Levine without shying on her social handle.

Moving ahead, Rubin is a sports lover, especially a baseball fan. He supports The Colorado Rockies, a professional American baseball team, and she never misses to joke humorously about it.

Mallory Rubin tweeted about her husband. [Photo: Twitter]

Furthermore, Levine celebrates his birthday every year in April. In his 2022 birthday celebration, Rubin gave him a feast by hosting a party in a restaurant full of different dishes and a dessert.

He once presented her with leftovers wrapped to look like Grogu’s head, a fictional character from Star Wars, which must be one of her favorite characters. Due to this, she assumed soulmates are for real.

Similarly, Levine once managed a Halo M&T Bank Stadium cutout for her birthday. She felt happy to receive this from her better half and took to Twitter to share the update with her followers.

Moreover, her better half was there when Rubin broke into tears at a birthday dinner. Her tears welled as the Orioles secured the American League East in 2014, and Levine was there during her social moment.

Unfortunately, not much is there to explore about Levine in brief. The details of his personal and professional life remain vague or unknown currently.

In conclusion, the romantic duo continues to cherish their blissful marital life. They continue sailing in their love boat and add beautiful chapters to their love book without hindrance.