Chef Pasquale Sciarappa’s Wife Manages His Facebook Page

Last Updated : October 30, 2023

YouTuber and Chef Pasquale Sciarappa and his wife Eva [Photo: Instagram/orsararecipes]

Chef Pasquale Sciarappa and his lovely wife, Eva, AKA Ewa Sciarappa, have been married for several years. Just like him, she also loves cooking.

Alongside helping him prepare dishes, she also manages his Facebook page, which has over 1.7 million followers.

Pasquale’s Wife Produce His Facebook Live Videos

Pasquale Sciarappa, a social media chef, has accounts on several social media networks. Through his videos, he offers meal recipes.

Well, his beautiful partner Eva helps him to produce his Facebook live videos and responds to all the comments.

Furthermore, she also responds to DMs and questions on the platform and helps him with the preparation of the ingredients for the food as well.

Pasquale Sciarappa’s wife Eva Sciarappa, manages his Facebook and helps him with ingredients to make food [Source: Eva’s Instagram]

In addition to managing the Facebook page for Pasquale, she is also a Representative of Avon. Plus, her page on the online store’s website offers different products such as Fragrance, Makeup, and skincare products.

The Sciarappa family has also founded a 7Stelle wine company.

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Eva Shares the Flavor of Polish Cuisine

As stated above, Eva also enjoys cooking. She has taught her husband numerous of her Polish dishes so that he can share them with a larger audience.

For instance, she once shared a Stuffed Cabbage recipe with him.

She also posts multiple pictures of dishes prepared by her on her Instagram account. Furthermore, netizens always ask for the recipe of the food.

She has got over 2.9K followers, which is slowly increasing day by day.

Many users comment that her food looks delicious and makes them hungry. She also sometimes replies to all the people and thanks them for their sweet words.

When Pasquale is occupied, his other half cooks for him. He mentioned in one of his posts that Eva’s favorite dish is pasta with clams.

The Food Lovers Celebrate Their Anniversary in January

The charming couple of Pasquale and Eva have been together for a long time. The two have helped one another grow and encourage each other throughout the years.

The endearing duo is also blessed with a son, Jeremy Sciarappa, who is a social media manager and a videographer. He is married to his wife Diana.

Pasquale Sciarappas with his wife, son, and daughter-in-law [Source: Pasquale’s Twitter]

Every January, Eva and Pasquale commemorate their anniversary. The two went to Paris on their honeymoon.

A couple of years back, Jeremy gave his father a GoPro camera as an anniversary gift.

Everyone congratulated the couple through the comment section. One user penned, “Happy Anniversary!” and thanked for sharing the special moment.

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Pasquale and Eva Share a Great Bond With Each Other

Chef Pasquale and Eva have developed a strong relationship, and it has only gotten stronger with time.

Over the years, the two have gone on vacations several times. Together, the two enjoy Valentine’s Day.

Back in 2022, he received roses from his gorgeous partner. He flexed the gift and wished everyone on the internet a happy Valentine’s Day.

“I was getting this from my wife, nice rose,” he remarked.

As for him, he made a delicious dinner of rock lamb with potato and a nice salad for his wife.

All in all, the lovely pair are living their best life while sharing the recipe with people. Their love for food has also cemented their relationship.