5 Facts About Peach McIntyre, Including Her Husband & Net Worth

Last Updated : December 1, 2023

Peach McIntyre

Peach McIntyre is a YouTuber and a social media star who has taught others to turn the internet into income. She has gained a massive fan base over the years.

Here are five interesting facts about McIntyre.

McIntyre and Her Husband Are High School Sweethearts

McIntyre, with her beloved husband, Wood, has seven kids. The married couple are high school sweethearts who met each other when she was 16 and her partner was 18.

However, they weren’t planning to be in a serious relationship; he was helping her get over her former partner.

McIntyre and her partner are high school sweethearts. [Photo: Facebook]

She said her husband already had two kids then, but she only knew about one. But after spending almost two decades with him and sharing seven kids, she wants him more than anything else.

The lovely lady joked, saying she breaks up with him ten times daily. She got pregnant with their first son during her senior year of high school. She has no regret about choosing her first kid over her college, though she had a full scholarship.

All in all, she lives her life with no regrets and enjoys her life with her beautiful family.

They Enjoy Going to Disney World With Their Children

The YouTuber and her partner are blessed with seven children. Their first son and eldest child is named Gregory McKay; their second son, who has autism, is called Choice, and their third son, McIntyre. Further, the couple was blessed with their first and only daughter, Gorgeous, their fourth kid.

Then they were blessed with a fifth baby boy, Amazing Life, and her sixth baby boy’s name is Wonderful. Their seventh and youngest child is named Phenomenal. Before going to Disney World, Wood helped his seven kids dress for a fantastic trip there.

McIntyre and her husband with their seven kids at Disney Land. [Photo: Instagram]

They all wore the same red checkered shirt and had a great time there. They have visited Disney World many times and recently visited Disney World Epcot. There, her husband and kids enjoyed a ride on Slinky Dog. They liked the ride, and some of her children said it was scary.

Their family even took a ride on the skyline there. She is a great mother who said, “It’s so important to make each of your children feel special and learn to love the things they love.”

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She Celebrates Her Birthday in April

McIntyre was born on April 8, 1989, and is thirty-four years old currently. She is always cheerful during her birthday and once requested her audiences to send money to wish her on her birthday.

Further, she organized a vast sale on her birthday and sold birthday bundles. The bundles included four E-guides and five pre-recorded videos, which customers can watch as often as possible until April 16, 2023.

Another one included one YouTube community promo post for their YouTube with a picture and the channel of the buyer’s channel’s link. Her last bundle had one virtual interaction with her through Zoom.

Furthermore, she and her son Mcintyre share the exact birthdate. Overall, the thirty-four-year-old loves celebrating her birthday and is always cheerful and excited.

Did She Divorce Her Husband?

Well, the social media star hasn’t divorced her loving husband, Wood. They are still together and enjoying life with their seven kids. However, she no longer wears her wedding ring because the diamond is missing, and she is waiting for her husband to fix it.

McIntyre and her husband are still together. [Photo: YouTube]

Further, she has loved to trick her audiences and clickbait them. The YouTuber had even uploaded a video titled, “Peach McIntyre fed up with her husband and getting a divorce.” In the video, she had cried in the car and said she needed to pay for her divorce.

Furthermore, she has alone time without her husband or kids and has named that relaxation period Momcation.

Even though the married couples have been through many ups and downs, they have supported each other and have stayed together for over 18 years.

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Her Net Worth and Earnings From YouTube

The YouTuber has over 513K subscribers on her YouTube channel, with over 295 million views. Her monthly earnings from YouTube are between $2.4K and $38K, and her estimated yearly income is between $28.5K and $456K.

Furthermore, she has earned money from staying live and told users not to talk about people sending her money while comparing to the fans of Nicki Minaj, who have donated thousands of dollars.

The lovely lady also earns through sponsors and has over 8.9 K followers on TikTok.

Further, the costs of her birthday bundle ranged from $3.40 to $340.40, depending on the service and help she provided to the people.

Considering all this, assuming that she has a six-figure net worth won’t be harmful.

Overall, the YouTuber has enjoyed a luxurious life with her big family.