Murderer Rachel Shoaf Facts- Age, Parents, Shelia Eddy, Prison, Married, Today

Last Updated : January 16, 2022

Quick Info→Age (2022): 25 Years OldMarital Status: Married

Who is Rachel Shoaf?

Rachel Shoaf is a criminal convicted of murdering one of her former best friends, Skylar Neese, on July 5, 2012. The criminal is currently serving her 30 years-long imprisonments.

She committed a crime at the gullible age of 16, and so the story of the incident got a lot of coverage. The exact reason why she committed the crime isn’t yet clarified.

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Short Bio

Born on June 6, 1996, Rachel Shoaf committed murder when she was 16 years old. The murderer was born and grew up in Morgantown, located in Virginia. Currently, she is 25 years old. As per sources, she was an obedient child growing up.

She is American and her ethnicity or her religion of practice hasn’t been disclosed.

Family, Early Life and Education

Rusty and Patricia Shoaf are the criminal’s parents. Speculating on their ability to pay the legal fees, questions regarding Shoaf’s parents’ profession were raised, and as per sources, Patricia Shoaf is working in communications while Rusty works at a clothing store.

In 2014, the victim’s mother filed suit against Rachel’s mother and other parents for judgment in her favor. As a close relative, Shoaf was a wise, adventurous child with good morals and potential who would have a bright future ahead.

The relative expressed her shock upon knowing the crime Shoaf, who she thought of as her child, committed. Moreover, it was also mentioned how Rachel developed some teenage antics but still then maintained good grades.

Rachel attended University Highschool with Shelia Rae Eddy, her friend with who she attempted the murder and, her victim Skylar Neese. Since she got arrested after her crime was proven, she probably didn’t continue her education.

Murder and The Aftermath

Rachel Shoaf together with Shelia planned the murder of their friend. On July 5, 2012, the criminal duo asked Skyler to sneak out of her house so they could together go to their usual spot, across the Pennslyvania state border, to smoke Marijuana.

When they reached their spot, as Skyler turned her back to get the lighter to smoke, the duo attacked her with the knives and weapons they had brought. The victim tried to escape but got tackled to the ground by Rachel, who continued to assault her but got her knees cut when Skyler tried to defend herself.

Rachel Shoaf with Skyler and Shelia.

Shoaf and Shelia succeeded in their mission, hid the victim’s body, and acted shocked when the news of Skyler’s missing started circulating. Until December 28, 2012, the victim’s remains weren’t found; on that day, as Rachel was mentally stressed after the incident, she began screaming and attacking her parents.

Shoaf was taken to a mental health facility, and soon after, she confessed that she and Shelia murdered Skyler, then she showed the police the remains they had hidden. The reason they murdered the victim was that they didn’t like her anymore, and they didn’t want to be her friend.

Shoaf was then pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment, with a possibility of parole in 10 years on May 1, 2013.

Rachel Shoaf in Court
Rachel Shoaf in Court

Relationships and Wedding

According to the reports, Rachel Shoaf married a woman of the same prison where she spent 30-year imprisonment; her wife’s name, however, isn’t known.

In a tweet, Shoaf mentioned how she fooled around with her boyfriend near the church. Even if Rachel had a boyfriend, some people believe that she had a sexual and non-platonic relationship with Shelia, which Skylar found out and wrote about in her diary.

Hence, they killed her, fearing she would get their secrets of being homosexual out. People suspect that being from a religious family, Rachel was afraid of her sexual orientation being revealed and eventually murdering Skylar. Shoaf marrying a woman acted as a catalyst in this theory.

Net Worth/Income

Spending half her life in prison, we cannot assume her to have a hefty sum. Furthermore, the details of her net worth and assets are unknown to the media.

Physical Appearance

She stands at an average height and an average weight. The convict is a redhead with a fair complexion and fit figure.

Other Interesting Facts and Trivia

  • Rachel is an only child of her parents.
  • Rachel Shoaf is a part of LGBTQ+ community, her exact sexuality isn’t known.
  • The convict’s mother was Catholic and very religious, so Rachel was scared of her sexuality being out.
  • Before her imprisonment, the convict was in a serious relationship with her boyfriend, Mikinzy, a pre-med student.
  • She is serving her imprisonment at Lakin Correctional Center in Mason County, West Virginia.

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