Ray William Johnson And His Wife Marked 7 Years of Togetherness

Last Updated : December 8, 2023

Social Media Influencer Ray William Johnson and his wife, Kelly K. Farrell [Image: Facebook/K77275422]

Ray William and his wife, Kelly K. Farrell, have been blissfully married. The couple marked seven years of togetherness in 2023.

The YouTuber announced his wedding with his partner in crime on his social media handles. Further, she took two weeks off to enjoy his wedding thoroughly.

Johnson and His Wife Stayed Away From Social Media During Their Wedding

Kelly looked forward to the wedding and was glad it was finally happening. As mentioned earlier, she announced her wedding through her Facebook page in May 2022.

The lovely lady said she would be married by the time she made her next post. The adorable couple vowed to each other that they wouldn’t use social media while they were gone.

They announced their wedding sooner because they didn’t want people to freak out and make a whole scene about their wedding.

The coach said she would film as much as possible and post it all when they returned.

Johnson and his wife promised not to use social media during their wedding week. [Photo: Instagram]

After their social media break, Kelly’s hubby uploaded two pictures with her on his Instagram. He captioned, “I’m kind of a close-talker.” People in the comment section congratulated those, and one said he married the little mermaid.

Furthermore, many users wrote that he looked like a bodyguard because he wore a plain black t-shirt and pants during their photoshoot.

They had taken that picture at a beach, and Johnson had held her in his arms. Overall, they enjoyed their time privately and away from the people’s preying eyes.

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Johnson Suddenly Became Homeless

Johnson and Kelly began dating each other way back in 2016. However, a peculiar incident happened when the YouTuber and his then-girlfriend were asleep in a hotel in Chicago. They had been dating for sixteen months then.

Out of nowhere, the content creator received a call at 3 A.M. According to the call, Johnson’s neighbor had fallen asleep with their stove on.

That individual’s apartment caught on fire and was then spreading to his. During that night, he became homeless and lost 80% of his belongings.

After losing his home, Kelly said he could come and live with her. Those two would have never lived together so soon if life hadn’t pushed them.

Kelly backed up Johnson when his home was burnt to ashes. [Photo: Kelly’s Facebook]

Something clicked between them while they lived together, and it was crystal clear that they didn’t want to be apart again.

Eventually, they decided to build a life together and made a goal of buying a house where they could live in a Disney-like heaven with a bunch of cats. Well, that dream came true.

When most people would have blamed fire for destroying their lives, they have referred to it as “the best fire ever.” That incident set them on a much better path than they would have chosen.

Later, they decided to spend their life together, and she made it official by flaunting her ring. Moreover, the pair has also traveled together to the coastal areas and enjoyed each other’s company.

Overall, the fire flipped his life a hundred and eighty degrees, and the saying, whatever happens, happens for the best, appears to be true.

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His Wife Is a Coach

Kelly is a coach but hasn’t specified that aspect. She has motivated and talked about the issues of the everyday problems faced by many individuals.

She used to do free live classes to help people learn to support and motivate themselves so they could make the best out of the year 2022.

The coach has encouraged people and said she loves to observe individuals who accomplish their goals.

Kelly used to coach and motivate the people interested in her teaching. [Photo: Kelly’s Facebook]

The lovely lady would teach them the reasons behind being unable to motivate themselves, steps to feel the results instantly, and ways of uncovering the deeper meaning of their soul.

Kelly has also uploaded some shorts to her YouTube channel. There, she talked about meditation, depression, fear, self-love, and many more.

Furthermore, the lovely lady has more than 17K followers on her Facebook and has shared many more wise and beneficial tips.

All in all, some people have found her influence and tips beneficial. However, she hasn’t been active on social media handles since 2022.