Rita Panahi Is Parenting Her Son As A Single Mother

Last Updated : October 27, 2023

Sky News Rita Panahi with her son [Photo: Facebook/RitaPanahiColumnist]

Rita Panahi is raising her son Hunter Panahi as a single mother with unconditional love and care. She is often seen featuring him in her social media feeds.

However, curiosity has risen about who is the kid’s father/Panahi’s partner as his identity is unknown and not shared.

Rita Panahi Gives Love to Her Son Without Any Limitations

The news personality Rita shares a lovely bond with her kid Hunter. Fans never miss seeing their beautiful relationship through her social media handles.

Rita’s Instagram account is an album of photos of Hunter from early childhood. Her account is filled with lovely pictures of him reminding about their precious moments.

Speaking of Rita’s baby boy, Hunter was possibly born in April 2007, as he is sixteen years old currently. She also shared a humorous birthday wish reel from her son’s friends on her social account in April.

Rita has mentioned him as The Golden Child(TGC). She often uses this nickname on her captions while featuring him on her social media.

Rita Panahi son
Rita Panahi son’s Hunter Panahi. [Photo: Instagram]

The gorgeous lady spares time to spend with Hunter, traveling to different places despite her busy news reporting career. She even knows his favorite things.

Moreover, Rita finds Hunter as the one who has changed her views on absorption. According to 2GB Sydney, the journalist said she’s worried about the prospect of aborting a foetus that could survive outside the womb.

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About Panahi’s Son, Hunter Panahi

Hunter Panahi is a closed personality with a private Instagram under the username @hunterpanahi. He stays low-key besides appearing in his mother’s social feed.

Likewise, the Australian columnist Rita was in a dilemma about sending Hunter to private or public school. In conclusion, she sent him to a private school, Brighton Grammar School, in Melbourne, Australia.

Hunter is a bright year 11 student at the prestigious Brighton Grammar School. He is a competitive student who even participated in a Model United Nations conference.

Rita Panahi's son
Hunter Panahi is a student at Brighton Grammar School. [Photo: Rita Panahi’s Instagram]

During the Model United Nations conference, Hunter, with Julian Carlin, represented Japan and tackled the crucial issue of Zero Hunger. During the conference, they showcased their diplomatic skills, engaging in stimulating debates, negotiations, and problem-solving sessions.

Furthermore, Hunter is also an avid sports lover who loves to watch Football. In the past, he was a fan and supporter of Hawthorn Football Club, nicknamed the Hawks.

The news anchor’s son seems to be a pet lover who spends time with furry friends like cats and dogs. He possibly used to own a dog, and Rita once shared their pictures on Instagram.

Hunter also seems to have two pet cats named Betty and Crayon. Rita also often provided glimpses of them on her social media.

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With Whom Did Rita Panahi Welcome Her Son?

It is still a mystery who is Hunter Panahi’s father. Rita is tight-lipped and has dispelled anything regarding her partner or having an ex-husband in the past.

The news personality clarified on her Twitter that she has no ex-husband. Rita replied to one of the user’s posts [now deleted] and penned, “@jack2628 what? I don’t have an ex-husband? Do you?”

Rita Panahi Twitter
Rita Panahi revealed she had no ex-husband back in 2011. [Photo: Twitter]

It hints that Rita hasn’t shared a marital journey with anyone and didn’t have a husband in the past.

In addition, Rita hasn’t mentioned anything about her partner on her social media platforms. She has kept the details under wrap away from the public’s prying eyes.

Rita Panahi enjoys parenthood, raising her only son, Hunter Panahi. Similarly, both showcase unconditional mother-son love towards each other.