All About Podcast Host Rod Khleif’s Wife, Net Worth And Family

Last Updated : October 27, 2023

Podcast Host Rod Khleif [Photo: Facebook/rodkhleifofficial]

Rod Khleif has had an incredible journey of fulfilling his goals and achieving success. The mentor could not have done it without his tactical strategy, which maximized his profits over the years.

In addition, the coach also had support from his beautiful wife, who gave him the emotional and mental support that he needed.

Rod Khleif and His Wife Have Been Married For a Decade

The real estate investor lives in Sarasota, Flordia, with his partner, Tiffany. She is a social media influencer with a massive fan following on platforms like TikTok.

However, she has not been active as of this writing. But, she makes frequent appearances alongside her husband on his social media accounts.

Tiffany and Khleif exchanged their wedding vows in September 2012.

Despite his popularity, the coach prefers to keep his personal life private. So, his marriage was held with close family members and friends and did not receive much publicity at the time.

The Businessman Is Happily Married With His Wife Tiffany [Photo: Rod Khleif’s Facebook]

Throughout the years, the founder has not hesitated to express his love and gratitude for his wife on the occasion of their anniversary.

He had described his wife to be the most gorgeous woman in the world, who was more beautiful inside than out.

Further, the mentor has featured Tiffany in several of his posts on social media and credits her significantly for his success.

The couple also celebrate holidays together and send warm wishes to their fans and followers all over the world.

Besides, the businessman has two children with his previous partner. He is a doting dad to his daughter, Alexandra, and his son, Myles, on occasion.

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The Mentor’s Exponential NetWorth

As one of the pioneers in the real estate business, Rod Khleif did not back down when he lost everything that he had created over his lifetime.

After the 2008 crash, the investor faced tremendous setbacks, but his drive and dedication helped him recover from the loss of an 800 property portfolio.

The entrepreneur pulled himself back up and rebuilt his empire again. Currently, the founder owns thousands of apartment units.

In 2006, his net worth was estimated to be around $17 million, and in 2019, it was reported his fortune was around $50 million.

The businessman lives a successful and fulfilling life. However, he does not just focus on himself.

He is also known to focus on adding value to the lives of other people and giving back to the community.

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Khleif’s Family Was from the Netherlands

Rod Khleif and his family are not native to the U.S.A. At a young age, he, along with his brother and mother, immigrated from Holland.

Apart from his mother, his father was also an influential figure in his life. Unfortunately, his old man has already passed away.

Further, on various occasions, he shares pictures of his family, including his other siblings, on social media. Sadly, not much information about them has been disclosed by the entrepreneur yet.

The Founder, With His Parents And Siblings [Photo: Rod Khleif’s Facebook]

Besides, as an immigrant, it was difficult for the Founder to adapt to his environment. He did not speak English and was bullied by other kids at school.

They would even chase him to his home, but his mother would protect him.

At the time, his mother worked as a live-in housemaid for a man and worked as a babysitter as well. Eventually, Khleif’s mother was able to buy a house across the street from the money she earned.

He remembers her as a heroic single mother who took care of him and his brother. Additionally, the founder was inspired after she made a $20,000 profit from the home purchase in just three years.

This led him to his journey in real estate at the ripe age of eighteen. After decades in the industry, he was able to amass a 50 million dollar real estate fortune, multiple apartment complexes, 800 homes, and a beachfront mansion.