Samantha Cortese And Her Husband Shares Similar Interests

Last Updated : December 14, 2023

KTLA 5 News Samantha Cortese and her husband, Chris DiVincenzo [Photo: Facebook/SamanthaCorteseTV]

Samantha Cortese has been sharing a blissful marital journey with her husband, Chris DiVincenzo, for quite a time now. The amusing thing about the love duo is that they share a lot of things in common.

Here are the details of their love life and many more.

Celebrated a Decade of Stagecoach Festival Last Year

Samantha Cortese and her hubby, Chris DiVincenzo, cherish their love life with fun and joy. One of their fun moments is the tenth-year celebration of the Stagecoach Festival, which they first started in 2012.

The loving duo also enjoys college football and was excited when it returned in 2019. She shared a picture from when Cortese’s number one allegiance beat her number two a few years back.

Samantha Cortese with her loving husband. [Photo: Samantha Cortese’s Instagram]

Furthermore, both are fans of the Los Angeles Chargers, an American football team. They buy the merchandise of the Chargers as soon as it drops, and Herbert merch was on the list in 2020.

Moreover, it may be surprising for many, but they celebrated their anniversary dinner at the car hop. Also, they capture their memorable moments traveling to different places, such as Catalina Island.

As a football fan, it’s no surprise Cortese’s partner also enjoys playing it and supporting his favorite team.

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Cortese’s Husband Was a Defensive End

Chris DiVincenzo was a football player in high school and used to play on the defensive end at Notre Dame High School. He was a freshman in 2006 and transitioned to junior in 2009.

As of today, Cortese’s spouse is a former football player and hasn’t pursued a football career. He is a proud University of Oregon alum and worked as a producer at ABC Palm Springs.

Chris DiVincenzo with his wife. [Photo: Samantha Cortese’s Instagram]

Speaking of him, he was welcomed on October 25, 1988, in Northridge, California. Moreover, DiVincenzo is the son of Glenn and Sallie DiVincenzo and shares two brothers.

One of his brothers, Mike, used to play Football. He was a decent player who caught five passes for 98 yards and a touchdown as a senior in 2005. He also averaged 19.6 yards per reception for the 13-1 Knights.

His brother played for the Ducks and initially worked out with the scout team in 2006. On the other hand, Mike was later upgraded to squad member while working as a scout team participant in 2007.

In 2008, he rejoined the Ducks as a squad member, regaining his walk-on spot during fall tryouts.

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Enjoying Marital Bliss Since 2018

Samantha Cortese leads a happy marital life with her spouse, DiVincenzo. Speaking of their love life, they first met while she was producing as a CBS affiliate and he was producing as an ABC affiliate in Palms Springs.

When they first started dating, coffee was the partner of the love birds, as they went to countless coffee sites. They used to work late at night and in early morning newscasts, so coffee was necessary for their dates.

The romantic duo walked down the aisle in Indian Wells, California, attended by family and close colleagues. Likewise, they possibly had their honeymoon in Tuscany, Italy.

Samantha Cortese and her husband’s wedding ceremony. [Photo: Samantha Cortese’s Instagram]

Cortese often features her handsome beloved on her social media handle. She also doesn’t miss to wish him on special occasions, such as his birthday.

The continuation of their love life is going well, and they are striving to share more years. Cortese wants to spend more valentines to come in the future with her better half.