Sandra Hart And Her Husband Arthur Had Many Differences

Last Updated : November 7, 2023

Influencer and Author Sandra Hart [Photo: Facebook/lifeoversixty]

Sandra Hart and her husband, Arthur Arthur J. Rand, shared a longstanding marital life. The duo celebrated their thirty-sixth wedding anniversary in 2021 since walking down the aisle together.

Furthermore, Hart’s beau has given a big helping hand while raising her children. She makes sure to update her fans about him sharing on social media.

Despite the Differences, Their Love Grew for One Another

Sandra Hart and her better half, Arthur Rand, had a lot of uncommon things, but it didn’t hinder their relationship. Speaking of differences, she was previously married while he was a bachelor till the age of fifty-seven.

Hart and Rand, who had an age gap of thirteen years, married in February 1985. In addition, she had already experienced parenthood after welcoming three children from her previous marriage, while he hadn’t yet.

Moreover, the beautiful lady realized how lucky she felt to have him during Rand’s ninety-first birthday celebration. As noted earlier, they also celebrated their thirty-sixth anniversary in 2021 joyfully.

Sandra Hart and her loving husband, Arthur J. Rand. [Photo: Sandra Hart’s Instagram]

Another difference was that he was used to doing everything himself and had control of his life. But she wasn’t, as she had kids, and she knew she had to be a bit flexible in her attitudes and ideas, and she had to give freedom in family dynamic relationships.

However, they had one thing in common, which was a charismatic chemical reaction called love, as per her.

It is indeed true they were a blissful couple, but this duo also had a power struggle at some point. Hart’s new career in her 50s was blowing while Arthur wanted to retire and nestled in Florida, having different priorities.

However, both did comprise and then decided to keep their marriage whole, overcoming the power struggle. They further got the chance to deepen their relationship during the Covid-19 period.

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Sadly, Husband Arthur Has Passed Away

Arthur J. Rand lived a long life, and he was ninety-six years old before his demise. She had a nurse looking for him several times in weeks and used to wear a safety device.

Unfortunately, Hart’s husband passed away in 2022, leaving her and his close ones. She uploaded a YouTube video of Rand’s final trip full of his travel videos and photos, including lovely family moments.

Rand was active on the Instagram profile under the username @ arthur.j.rand. However, he was rarely active on the platform, with only one post.

Sandra Hart’s husband, Arthur J. Rand. [Photo: Arthur J. Rand’s Instagram]

In addition, Rand was a veteran of World War II. He grew up in the Bronx and often visited the Bronx Zoo. In one of her YouTube videos, he reminisced on many happy days spent at the zoo.

Likewise, Hart’s spouse did various side jobs after he got out of military service. He used to sell sunglasses and also did the job of delivering for the price of 5 cents during his time.

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About Her Former Marital Life

As noted earlier, Rand wasn’t the first husband of Hart and was previously married. Similarly, she had three kids from her former marriage.

Moreover, it has been reported that Hart has been married three times, as per Quora. She married for the third time after her husband of 39 years died, as per the reports.

One of Hart’s ex-husbands was Jennings, with whom she welcomed her son Emerson Hart. Likewise, Hart and Jennings’ married life ended when she divorced him in 1977.

Sandra Hart’s ex-husband Jennings. [Photo: Sandra Hart’s Instagram]

Unfortunately, Jennings is no longer in this world due to his untimely passing away due to schizophrenia. She remembers him and occasionally posts about him on her social handle.

More On Sandra Hart

The author has a blissful family, and her kids are one of the reasons for their happy home. Her children are Alison M. Thompson, Emerson L. Hart, and Brett A. Thompson, respectively.

Furthermore, Hart’s daughter Alison is already a mother sharing two kids, Billy and McClain Murphy. Both of them are valedictorians and athletes involved in sports.

Hart’s only son, Emerson, is a happy married man with his wife, Heather. He has given Hart a granddaughter named Lucienne, who has an engaging personality and pretty smile.