Shanley Caswell Had A Great Summer With Her Current Boyfriend

Last Updated : December 4, 2023

Shanley Caswell with her boyfriend, Will Strathmann

Shanley Caswell currently shares a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Will Strathmann. They strive to share beautiful moments and cherish their romantic life.

Let’s learn everything that you need to know about her love life.

Adventures Filled Moments With Boyfriend

Shanley Caswell has been sharing a prosperous relationship with Will Strathmann. They have managed to keep their bond strong, and netizens are likely curious to see their enchanting love story.

Caswell and her lover travel to different places hand in hand, creating a timeless collage of shared adventures. At times, she was ridiculously happy, and one of the reasons may be her beloved.

The actress has enjoyed sharing laughs with him. Furthermore, many might not have believed Starthmann was her partner, and one of the users also commented, “Is that your boyfriend?

Shanley Caswell with her man, Will Starthmann. [Photo: Shanley Caswell’s Instagram]

However, Starthmann is the real deal here, and Caswell loves exploring nature and travel destinations with him. Likewise, he has possibly grown closer with colleagues and family members of the beautiful lady.

In addition, Casewell and her significant other’s dating life are also fond of deep-sea diving. They love to explore the beauty of the sea underneath and long to share more time filled with lovely memories.

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Caswell’s Partner Is a Talented Video Creator

Shanley Caswell’s love works in the creative field as a New York-based Director of photography(DoP) and video creator. In addition, he is also an FPV Drone Pilot and adventure filmmaker.

Starthmann has ten years of experience in production with an eye for perfection. He has excelled at his work to the finest as a visual storyteller and cinematographer and is one of the best cinematic FPV pilots in the world. 

Furthermore, the videographer’s work has been published in Nat Geo, Patagonia, The Weather Channel, and many more. Also, it must be noted that he is an underwater cinematographer.

Shanley Caswell’s partner, Will Starthman. [Photo: Will Starthman’s Instagram]

Starthmann has also shot projects for The Super Bowl, Coldplay, Canon, The New York Times, Speedo, and many more. He is an Emmy Award winner in the Heartland Region for his FPV work in Colorado in 2021.

With his eye for perfection and knowledge of the production industry, he is helping the FPV industry move forward. He features his cinematography on his Instagram.

Likewise, Starthman brings professionalism, positivity, and exceptionalism to every job. He carries his job exceptionally, whether it is filming diving or chasing the best athletes in the world with custom-built FPV drones.

Besides his work, Caswell’s boyfriend loves to travel and adventure worldwide. Overall, he continues to fascinate people through his creative video works.

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Had a 4 Years Long Relationship Previously

Before having a romantic bond with Starthmann, Shanley Caswell shared a married life with Tony Gurry. They walked down the aisle on May 31, 2015, but have opted to keep wedding details private.

It was reported that Caswell put up a photo of her kissing Tony on Instagram on May 31, 2019. She indicated, ” Honestly, someone get him a medal because he has spent 4 years putting up with me.”

However, the Detention actress hasn’t shared any details on her marital life with Tony other than that. On the other hand, her Instagram handle is also private.

Nevertheless, Caswell is the mother of a golden retriever named Steven and refers to him as her son. She often features Steven on her social media account and loves him immensely.

Shanley Caswell with her son, Steven. [Photo: Steven’s Instagram]

Caswell’s furry son also has an official Instagram handle.

In conclusion, Caswell and Starthmann continue sailing on their love boat without any hindrances. Hopefully, she will continue to cherish her romantic life with Starthmann.