Looks Like Sidney Tilton And Her Boyfriend Jacob Have Broken Up

Last Updated : November 27, 2023


Sidney Tilton was in a relationship with her boyfriend, Jacob Eason. The lovely couple had been together for several years.

The two met for the first time in 2019. In 2022, she celebrated three years together and referred to him as her best friend. But now it seems like the pair have ended their relationship.

Netizens Don’t Believe Tilton and Her Boyfriend Had an Amicable Breakup

Netizens couldn’t believe Tilton and Eason had an amicable breakup. So, they took the topic of their split up on Reddit and discussed it.

People said she was reportedly begging for a ring, and there was no way to end clear. They were wondering who initiated the breakup and what the reason behind it was.

Nonetheless, some stated that he seemed utterly uninterested in her. They also said she followed him throughout the country for years without genuine commitment.

Netizens don’t believe that Sidney Tilton and her boyfriend, Jacob Eason, had an amicable breakup [Source: Tilton’s Instagram]

After their breakup, he also bought a puppy, which others noticed that it was her dog. However, the duo hasn’t publicly revealed the exact reason behind their split.

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Is Tilton Having Difficulties to Move On From Her Relationship?

The social media influencer and her boyfriend, Jacob Eason, had been together for a long time and spent precious time. Since the duo separated, it was her first time living alone. Therefore, it was pretty hard for Tilton.

Nevertheless, she mentioned that it was intriguing and that she would realize all the benefits of growing independently and learning to love herself alone.

However, she found it challenging to move on. Nevertheless, she continued to post her daily vlogs on her YouTube channel.

Sidney Tilton had some difficulties moving on from her relationship [Source: Tilton’s Instagram]

Furthermore, while separated from her partner, she gave breakup advice to the netizens. She stated that moving on needed time and a strong mentality. In November, she also released a video of herself having fun with her friends.

The last time she spoke of her partner Jacob on her vlog was in August 2023. She never mentioned him again after that.

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Eason Was Also Tilton’s Best Friend

Jacob Eason and Sidney Tilton were really close. They were a best friend in addition to being a boyfriend and girlfriend. In her posts, she consistently referred to him as her best buddy.

She frequently posted images and short videos on her social media accounts. She wished him a happy twenty-fourth birthday in November of 2021.

“I will always be grateful for you and this crazy journey we get to live together,” she continued. Furthermore, she added that he made her so happy and was proud of that.

Sidney Tilton and her boyfriend Jacob Eason were best friends [Source: Tilton’s Instagram]

She and her lover have previously spent a lot of time together. They’ve had multiple vacations as well. She also shared a photo of herself and her companions in January 2023 with the caption, “Kickin off ’23 with a Niners W.”

Tilton is no longer with her lover. She has always had the support of netizens, who still motivate her now. Many expressed their pride in her and gave pieces of advice.

A few others couldn’t wait to read her next chapter. Folks said they have always supported her and have been watching her videos since the beginning.

The social media also thanked people for their support during her difficult times.