Simon Sinek Is Not Married and Seems to Have a Girlfriend

Last Updated : November 28, 2023

Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek doesn’t have a wife and is yet to marry someone special to him. But that doesn’t mean he is single, as he has a girlfriend.

However, he has not shared many details of his girlfriend but has stated their unique way of agreeing.

Sinek and His Girlfriend’s Way To Make Decisions

In an interview with 20VC with Harry Stebbings, Sinek revealed he and his girlfriend have a very loving aspect. Neither he nor his belle can unilaterally decide the relationship because they are both involved in that bond.

Then he said that one shouldn’t solely make decisions in a relationship with someone else as it is a partnership between two individuals.

Sinek and his girlfriend can’t make unilateral decisions while being in a relationship. [Photo: Harry Stebbings Youtube/Channel]

He mentioned that the partnership, based on a unilateral decision, will not work while presenting the real-life context of business partners. Then the podcast host Harry Stebbings gave his perspective: what about trusting the partner to make the best decision?

Then, the author clarified the difference between the terms delegation and partnership. Individuals with good bonds constantly exchange ideas, decisions, and opinions about one another.

He elaborated that some people have good intentions with some of their decisions. And that could turn worse because they tried to solve a problem based on assumption without asking what another individual is thinking.

Sinek clarified that if a unilateral decision had to be made, it should be after communication between partners. He made his point that it’s not about whether one gets to make a decision or not. It is about how the other person feels about that.

Overall, Sinek and his girlfriend could be great at communicating and making decisions and, at the same time, discussing matters openly and honestly.

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Former Working Relationship With Monique Helstrom

Monique Helstrom had claimed her title as the Chief of Simon and was called how girl to the why guy. The experienced girl was there to support all that needed to happen for Sinek to show up, serve, and inspire others.

They had worked together for four years, and the title was made by Helstrom herself. It has a humorous story. The author asked her what her job was, and she said, “Well, I’m chief of you.” And that is how she got her title.

It took a long for him to find Helstrom, and he said that his addiction to assistants started long before. Further, he can’t live without them. The author had already known Helstrom for a few years before hiring, and she was into organizing business at that time.

Then he called her up and hired her on the bus. She was so good at the job, but she didn’t like running a business instead, she wanted to manage it, and Sinek had the perfect solution. He thought the word assistance was unfair because both individuals were helping one another mutually.

Simon thinks that the word assistant is unfair. [Photo: Sinek’s Instagram]

What they had done is that they had divided the responsibility. He said that because of Helstrom, he got to walk around with rose-colored glasses, and everything went smoothly. She had found her job interesting as the work wasn’t repetitive.

While working with Sinek, she had two typical days where she traveled with him in all speaking engagements. His chief ensured that everything worked and functioned smoothly when she served him.

Well, apart from his working companionship, Sinek’s relationship rumors loomed large when he was spotted with the beautiful Real Estate Agent Erica Reams.

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Was He Ever in a Relationship With the Real Estate Agent?

Sinek and Erica Reams attended the BAM Gala 2018 together and looked cozy. Reams is an experienced Real Estate Agent and is the founder of Sea N’ Soul.

She has excellent experience and has worked as a Realtor at Hilton Hyland and Sotheby’s International Realty. After working as a realtor again for over two years, she became a Real Estate Agent in the John Aaroe Group for nearly a decade.

After that, she again worked as a Realtor at Core NYC for over seven years. Then she worked as a compass in the company Real Estate.

The author and Reams had raised a few eyebrows. However, both of them haven’t officially said anything regarding their relationship.

Furthermore, Sinek has compared romantic relationships with context to business and has given his perspective on how sales is just like dating.

Sinek has said his keyboard is all that he cares about. [Photo: Instagram]

Moreover, he also considered his keyboard as his best friend, his girlfriend, and his child. Then he wrote that it was his food, water, and all he cared about.

Nevertheless, Sinek is in a blissful relationship with his girlfriend, whom he has kept away from the limelight.