Sona Jobarteh Has a Talented Son, What About Her Husband?

Last Updated : November 30, 2023

Sona Jobarteh

There is a saying that an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Well, Sona Jobarteh’s son is no exception.

Her son is also interested in music like her. But what about her husband, or if she has one?

Jobarteh’s Son Is Also a Musician

Jobarteh’s son, Sidiki Jobarteh, is greatly influenced by her. He is a talented Balafon Player. Further, the mother and son also did a short duet on CNN during the COVID-19 lockdown in Europe in March 2020.

Well, Sidiki was taught by his mother, who is a professional Gambian multi-instrumentalist and singer. Both of them played their instrument exceptionally and were soaked in the rhythms of the melody.

Further, the talented guy has already performed with her mother’s band in front of the crowd. He has learned so much while performing with them and said they are genuinely incredible.

Moreover, he has also met Jock Webb Sr., who is a famous musician. He was happy to meet him and said he is an inspiring musician.

The mother and son have enjoyed an inspiring performance from Ballake Sissoko at the SOAS University of London. He had grown up while listening to his music, and he was honored to meet him.

Additionally, they both performed in Brazil just a few months ago. He loved sharing the stage with a British singer and songwriter, Eric Appapoulay, and the rest of the band members.

Well, the talent of music has run in the blood of his maternal family. His grandfather, Sanjally Jobareth, is an expert musician and one of the biggest inspirations for him. He has also studied music under him.

The talented musician has grown so much recently that he has taught at Brandeis University. He thanked the supportive members who had given him that opportunity.

Overall, Sidiki is an incredibly talented individual and has performed with professional musicians around the globe.

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Who Is Sona Jobarteh’s Husband and Baby’s Father?

The Gambian musician and singer has yet to reveal the details of her relationship. Her Instagram is filled with music-related posts; some show appreciation for other music artists.

Similarly, her son has kept his father from the limelight and hasn’t spoken about him. Plus, Sidiki is focused on improving and has put much effort into learning music and gaining mastery over instruments.

Jobarteh has kept the details of her husband away from the limelight. [Sidiki’s Instagram]

Besides their father, the mother and son share an incredible bond as the parent, kid, and musical partners. During their musical collaboration, they were exceptionally focused and were in bliss.

They had synchronized and were playing their melody perfectly while exchanging the synergy. Ultimately, they looked into each other’s eyes and ended the session.

Both of them have traveled around the world and have performed in front of huge crowds. All in all, the mother and son share an incredible and unique bond but have yet to reveal anything about their husband/dad.

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Has Got a Supportive Family

Jobareth is from Gambia, and in West Africa’s griot tradition, women were supposed to sing while men played musical instruments. However, she was fixed on to change that. Then, she asked her father to teach her the ways of their musical instruments.

Jobarteh was performing a first-ever full-length concert with her father. [Twitter]

Now, she is the world’s first professional and successful female musician. Her father currently lives in Norway, and their family carry a lineage of singers and musicians that dates back to seven hundred years.

At 17, she wanted to learn Kora and told her father. The lovely lady grew up in Gambia and UK, as her mother is English. Further, she also went to a music school, the Purcell School for Young Musicians, where she studied Western classical styles.

But she decided to return to learn from her family, so she went to her dad and uncles and studied under them. She became a successful figure in the world of Gambian melody and also gained fame internationally.

The music artist and her father, Sanjally, have also performed at the Førde festival. The father and daughter also completed a duet and did their first full-length concert in Gambia.

Moreover, she has sometimes visited her father and spent the evenings with him. Her dad is also near and dear to her son, Sidiki, and they have spent time playing musical instruments together.

All in all, Jabareth has supportive parents and family with whom she learned and became a prosperous and famed artist.