Taran Armstrong Went on Date With a Girl: Is She His Partner?

Last Updated : November 21, 2023

Podcaster Taran Armstrong [Photo: Instagram/taran_armstrong]

Taran Armstrong went on a pretzel date with a life coach named Kaitlyn Herman. Both of them were seen enjoying pretzels.

She had recorded a video and said it was their first date, but Armstrong said he wasn’t in love and thought she was taking a picture.

Is Kaitlyn Armstrong’s Partner?

The reel of their pretzel date received funny comments asking them when the wedding was. Further, in the comment section, Kaitlyn said she had asked him to have snacks with her when she first met him.

Then, Armstrong replied, “If only everyone I met had that same reaction.” But it remains a mystery if they were dating and if she was her partner.

Armstrong is on a pretzel date with a life coach. [Photo: Instagram]

Besides that short interaction, Armstrong has kept information about his love life or if he has a partner from the limelight. However, he has posted pictures with other girls on his Instagram.

He has also met the digital creator, Ika Wong. She was beyond wonderful for him and helped him get into BBCAN season 7, a Canadian television reality game show.

Furthermore, she had even given him a ride back to his hotel. Similarly, he has met up with different girls and appreciated their presence, but he hasn’t officially announced that they are his partners or are in any relationship.

Overall, he enjoys his life while hanging out with these fantastic people and has kept his romantic life a secret. So, for the time being, it remains a mystery if he has a partner.

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Armstrong Finds Thrills and Challenges In the World of Rock Climbing

Armstrong is a talented individual as a Video Producer and a Podcaster. He is also interested in rock climbing.

Just a few months ago, he discovered bouldering and said that he liked it and it was fun. He was also asked for opinions from the users and was planning to post more.

Armstrong enjoys bouldering as a side hobby. [Photo: Instagram]

Eventually, the 31-year-old got utterly hooked on the bouldering. He aimed to complete every slab problem before they took them down to add new ones. He has taken his fans on the journey of his rock climbing experience and has uploaded the reels on Instagram.

Armstrong has even created failure montages of rock climbing, and a user in the comment praised his efforts. Now, he is providing instructions about how to climb the boulders.

Further, he is putting more effort into creating his rock climbing content and has done voiceovers on the recent ones. His audiences have praised his efforts, and he also enjoys climbing the boulders.

Plus, he has discovered a new side hobby for himself. Nevertheless, he is engaging his viewers through his bouldering content while setting a side goal for himself.

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The Video Editor Denied Gay Rumors on Twitter

Armstrong was speculated to be gay by a Twitter user. Unfortunately, that post has been declared unavailable, but his reply remains.

He laughed off and admitted that he wasn’t gay. But, he added that if he was gay, how could it not be the dreamy Johnny Mac?

Armstrong admitted he isn’t gay. [Photo: Twitter]

The 31-year-old also said he would love to have YouTuber Dan Gheesling on the survivor recap season in 2020. However, he hasn’t said anything related to that matter since then.

Furthermore, he has run his show, The Taran Show, since 2017 and has dived deep into matters about reality stars and fellow podcasters.

Moreover, he sarcastically calls himself a robot and has completed his bachelor’s degree in visual and Media Arts in film production. He has worked in a variety of working places and began his career as an Assistant Editor.

Then, he served as a Video Editor for almost two years. He has also been a Video Producer for Road Scholar and has hosted the American Ninja Warrior Podcast for almost eight years.

After that, he was a Podcast Correspondent and an Editor for the Rob Has a Podcast. Now, he runs his show.

All in all, Armstrong is doing great in his professional career and discovering new passions and hobbies as he moves forward in his life.