Has Taryn Hatcher Broken up With Her Boyfriend, or So It Seems

Last Updated : November 1, 2023

NBC Sports Reporter Taryn Hatcher [Photo: Instagram/tarynhatcher]

Taryn Hatcher shared a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Austen Freeborn, for quite a while. They were once a lovey-dovey couple, often seen hanging out with each other.

However, their love life has likely hit a bump as they haven’t appeared together on social media lately. Hatcher, who used to post pictures with him, hasn’t shared anything on her social handle as well.

Hatcher’s Mystery of Romantic Life With Her Boyfriend, Freeborn

Taryn Hatcher previously was dating Austen Freeborn. Previously, she shared pictures of hanging out with him, but most are now deleted.

Hatcher has left no trace of him on her Instagram account. Yet, her father, Connie D’Angelo Hatcher, hasn’t deleted posts by him citing Freeborn on his Instagram.

Hatcher’s father once made a social post on Valentine’s Day and captioned it, “My Valentines [with heart emoji].” It hints that Freeborn was also close with his then-partner’s family members.

Taryn Hatcher boyfriend
Connie D’Angelo Hatcher’s Instagram post on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. [Photo: Instagram]

Furthermore, he even used to attend family hangouts. Connie must have liked him as he often used to post pictures of him on his social platform.

Recently, Connie, who used to post about him, hasn’t uploaded any social posts mentioning Austen Freeborn.

The last time Hatcher posted a picture with Freeborn was on Facebook in June 2019. Currently, she hasn’t made any social media updates with Freeborn.

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Could it be Hatcher and Freeborn have broken up with each other? Both parties have remained tight-lipped and haven’t shared anything about their relationship status with the general public.

Likewise, it is possible Hatcher and Freeborn possibly want to keep their love life under wraps. The netizens can keep wondering until the reporter shares anything concerning the matter.

Hatcher’s Boyfriend Is a Sales Executive

Austen Freeborn is settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. He has worked in the estate advisory platform Vanilla as a sales executive and senior business development representative since August 2022.

Freeborn also worked at Envestnet, a financial services company, as a Business Development Associate from 2018 to 2022. His responsibilities included owning and executing the entire lifecycle of an Enterprise sale.

Furthermore, the handsome hunk also served for Bank of America as an Officer, Auditor II – Corporate Audit, starting in June 2015 and leaving in February 2018.

Similarly, he did several tasks, including exercising judgment and critical thinking to influence business partners.

Austen Freeborn
Taryn Hatcher’s boyfriend, Austen Freeborn, is a sales executive at Vanilla. [Photo: Austen Freeborn’s LinkedIn]

Before working for Bank of America, he did a summer internship to be capable of working as a corporate auditor from 2013 to 2014. In addition, he also did a summer internship in business development at Boathouse Sports for less than a year, joining in 2012.

Speaking of education, Freeborn joined the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business.

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At that University, Hatcher’s boyfriend completed a bachelor’s in Finance and Insurance risk management in 2015.

He later did the Money Management Institute & Wheelhouse Analytics Certification Program from Envestnet Institute nf Campus in 2016.

Overall, Austen Freeborn and Taryn Hatcher were a lovely couple who usually spent quality time together. However, their love is being questioned due to their absence on social media platforms.