5 Things You Did Not Know About Taylor Calmus

Last Updated : December 12, 2023

Actor aka Dude Dad Taylor Calmus [Photo: Facebook/DudeDadVlog]

Taylor Calmus is a video creator who has become an internet sensation through his family-based comedy videos, which he posts on his YouTube channel, Dude Dad.

He has also been featured in Magnolia Network’s Super Dad, where he teaches other fathers to make their kids’ backyard dreams a reality. In addition, he is also an actor who has appeared in several short films and TV series.

Earns More than 100K Through His YouTube Channel

The social media sensation has earned much money through his multiple sources. Nevertheless, his YouTube channel helped him a lot to achieve his success.

Netizens love to watch his family-based comedy videos; as a result, he has gathered over 200 million since he started.

He earns an estimated $646 to $10.3k monthly from his videos. In addition, his expected yearly earnings are from $7.7K to $124K, as per Social Blade. 

Taylor Calmus earns a decent amount of money through his YouTube channel [Source: Calmus’ Instagram]

Apart from his YouTube channel, he also owns a couple of businesses. He founded a company named Taybles, where he made the original cassette tape coffee table. Moreover, he also established a firm under his stage name, Dude Dad, where he sells fashion clothing.

Both of his businesses helped him to add an extra amount to his pocket. Calmus also does the comedy tour in various cities in the United States.

He has also planned a six-month tour of different cities in 2024, beginning in January. Ticket prices start at $27.50. So, this might also add to his considerable fortune.

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Has a Few Acting Credits to His Name

Taylor Calmus has appeared in several TV series and short films, which have given a few acting credits to his name.

He has always been interested in pursuing an acting career. So, the social media sensation received a BA in Communication Studies and Theatre from the University of Sioux Falls.

He also spent his time at USF recording sketches and starring in over ten college theatre plays. Later, after finishing college, he relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a creative career in acting.

Over the years, he has done multiple TV series and short films. His appearance in ABC’s The Middle, a recurring role on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and several commercials and appearances get some recognition.

Celebrates His Birthday on November 22

Taylor Calmus was born on November 22, 1986, in South Dakota, United States. He grew up along with his two siblings, Zach Calmus and Maggie Johnson.

The social media turned thirty-seven years old this year. He always celebrates his special day with his wife and children.

In 2022, he went to Scheel with his wife and children. “Happy Birthday to me! Just a simple trip to Scheel’s with these knuckle heads will do,” he penned.

Calmus bought a new snowboard at that time. Furthermore, he always remembers to wish his wife on her birthday.

Marked 12 Years of Togetherness with His Wife in 2023

The social media sensation and his wife, Heidi Calmus, commemorate their 12th anniversary in September.

The two initially met when they were at USF in 2008. She grew up in Fargo, and the two met in a two-person play for a mutual acquaintance. Her combat against human trafficking brought them to Los Angeles, where Calmus pursued his acting career.

Three years after meeting in 2011, the lovely pair eventually decided to exchange vows. Since then, the two have been enjoying their blissful marriage life.

Taylor Calmus and his wife, Heidi Calmus, celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary this year [Source: Heidi’s Instagram]

Both of them are incredibly supportive of each other and always make funny or challenging videos, which the two post on their social media handles. Furthermore, the two have extremely funny humor and care about one another’s wishes and needs.

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The Arrival of the Fourth Child Completed Their Family

Calmus and his partner are proud partners of four children: Theo, Juno, Otto, and Kelso. Their first child, Theo, was born in January 2016 and graduated from preschool in 2021. He turned seven years old this year.

The lovely pair added another family member, Juno, just one year later in 2017. After welcoming a son, they had a daughter at that time. Their baby girl turned six years old and graduated Kindergarten in May. Later, after four years, in 2021, they had their third child, Otto.

The charming couple welcomed their fourth child, Kelso, in March 2023. But Kelso arrived four days past the original due date, and he even struggled to breathe on his own for a few days.

So, he had to spend eight days in the NICU. The duo brought their child home after 21 days after he breathed on his own. Prior to her fourth baby, she had to face a miscarriage.

Taylor Calmus and his partner welcomed four children together [Source: Calmus’ Instagram]

With the arrival of their fourth child, the duo’s family has completed. So, in November 2023, Heidi’s husband decided to undergo a vasectomy. Nevertheless, the couple is enjoying their life while raising their four kids well.