Tiffany Reese’s Parents Are No Longer Together

Last Updated : November 19, 2023

Author and Podcast Host Tiffany Reese [Photo: YouTube/@AsIs]

Tiffany Reese’s parents, Elizabeth and Robert Henning are no longer together as they were in the past.

Now, her mother has found a new love of her life and is living a blissfully married life. However, her ex-husband leads a private life and has stayed away from the limelight.

Reese’s Mother Has Already Remarried: Parents’ Divorce

Reese’s mother, Elizabeth, had already remarried in 2012. After ending her relationship with her ex-husband, she married Everitt Adam. They have been living a wonderful life together, away from the public’s attention.

Reese’s parents are no longer together now. [Photo: Reese’s Instagram]

Elizabeth shared three children with her ex-partner: two sons, Bobby Henning and Tony Orzalli, and a daughter, Tiffany Reese. However, whether she has shared any offspring(s) with her current partner is unknown.

Overall, she has found a partner with whom she can share her life together and is living privately, away from the public’s prying eyes.

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Sadly, Her Brother Passed Away in 2012

Life is full of uncertain events; Resse’s brother, Bobby Henning, left this beautiful earth at 22. He was a talented guy who loved snowboarding, music, skateboarding, plus his family and friends.

Although his time in this beautiful place was short, he still lives in the memories of his loved ones and will be remembered forever.

Moreover, he went to St. Theresa School from 2002 to 2004. And Bobby had a daughter, Lilah Henning, with his partner, whose identity is yet to be revealed. When he was alive, he loved his parents and daughter very much and was a caring, sweet, and compassionate friend to everyone he knew.

Late Bobby Henning with his beautiful daughter. [Facebook]

As written in his Obituary, his mother said that she loves him and he is the best son in the universe. His public memorial service was held on March 3, 2012, at Chapel of the Hills, 1331 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA.

Furthermore, the family had also arranged a Potluck in his remembrance at the Dewitt Senior Center, Auburn, CA.

Moreover, people could even make donations of flowers to “The Bobby Henning Memorial Fund.” Nevertheless, his family and friends will forever remember his sweet and caring nature.

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Reese Herself Is a Mother of Three With Her Husband

Reese is blissfully married to her husband and has three adorable kids, Jude, Ruby, and her youngest, whose name and gender are yet to be revealed. She lives in Roseville, CA, with her partner, Michale, a chef at his restaurant A LOT.

Reese is a stay-at-home mom, but she wanted to work and had even made plans for it. However, her first child, Jude, had Sensory Processing Disorder and was officially diagnosed with Autism. She couldn’t go out to work because of the special care that her child needed.

But, she found ways to manifest her creative energy after the birth of her second child, Ruby, as she studied fashion design and decided to start a blog, Lookie Boo. There, she shared about her kids and fashion and had a community where she could share her two biggest passions.

Her friend was the one who motivated her to start the actual blog and mentored her. Further, she used to get her work done when her kids were at the preschool or after they went to bed. Moreover, Reese let her creativity guide her on Jude’s birthday.

She had styled and decorated her birthday party, and the response from the people was excellent. Then, she even got clients to organize their birthday parties. Moreover, Reese has partnered with Etsy shops and loves Shop Sweet Lulu for parties, but she mainly uses her DIY decorations, especially for her clients.

Further, the lovely lady has also raised awareness about autism. She has said that autism comes in all different packages. She found out that people were ignorant about autism, as some said that her child didn’t seem autistic.

All in all, Reese is a great mother and wife and is now a podcaster, author, and body-positive stylist.