Divorce From His Wife Was One of The Most Traumatizing Things For Tom Grossi

Last Updated : November 27, 2023


Separation from loved ones can be truly devastating. That was the case for Tom Grossi, as the divorce from his wife was the most traumatizing thing for him.

While his marriage was spiraling down, he had sunk himself into the job non-stop and used to stream games, do Q&A, Paterons, and many more.

Revealed He Was Going Through a Divorce in the Early Days of 2022

2021 was a challenging year for Grossi as he was going through a divorce with his ex-wife, Jade Beryl Grossi. Furthermore, his pup had cancer, and he had left his stable job.

2021 was a challenging year for Grossi. [Photo: Twitter]

Nevertheless, he was able to balance his love and professional life. He felt worthwhile and appreciated himself for putting his time and energy into creating NFL Content.

He credited his community for his survival that year. The YouTuber said they were his everything, and he had leaned on them during tough times.

Grossi had filed a divorce against his then-spouse under Matrimonial – Uncontested in Putnam County, New York, on June 30, 2021, and their divorce judgment was released on July 28, 2021.

While the reason behind their separation remains a mystery, the former couple now live separately.

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Everything Seemed Fine Between Grossi and His Ex-Wife, Jade

Grossi and Jade were thinking about making plans for their upcoming future. In December 2020, they were in the midst of potentially buying a house. That process provoked some conversation about their past and future.

These discussions continued for months, and in April 2021, they decided to separate and file for divorce. To his surprise, many audiences had noticed the absence of a ring on his finger and were speculating about his personal life.

Even after the divorce, he and Jade are still on excellent terms and best friends. Further, they also plan to be in each other’s life in the future. He said that the relationship between them is as good as the situation could possibly be.

Even after the divorce, Grossi and his former partner are still on good terms. [Photo: Grossi’s Youtube/Channel]

However, the comments and DMs he received about his personal life were inappropriate. People were spamming, badgering, and spreading false rumors about him on the social media handles.

Furthermore, he had also received an email from a mod that said someone went to his Wiki page that one of his fans created and edited to say ex-wife every time Jade was brought up. He found that rough and wasn’t okay with it.

During the initial days after his divorce, he hadn’t shared the information with many because he was uncomfortable and vulnerable to share it in a public place. He had many feelings associated with that, and the Youtuber knew that putting that information would bring further scrutiny and speculation.

He admitted that he and his former partner still care for each other, which wouldn’t change. After his divorce, for the betterment of his mental health, the humble man wanted to do a series of fundraisers for varieties of different charities.

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They Were Married in October 2015

Grossi and Jade got married in October 2015. During their fourth anniversary, he wrote that he had married a girl way out of his league. That day, he was editing football videos for his internet friends before his then-life partner got home so they could go out for dinner.

Grossi and his former partner used to go for dinner on their anniversary. [Photo: Twitter]

On their fifth anniversary, the YouTuber also reminded his wife, tweeting that they had eaten some cake and married. Similarly, in 2019, he shared a humorous post on what happened when his then-spouse told him to clean the patio furniture.

Just a few months ago, he shared that the shirt he bought during the year of their marriage had a lot of history. He said that he had purchased it to help raise funds for a 12-year-old boy with brain cancer.

The humble man wore it in 2021 when he was at his lowest and told his people that his marriage was ending. In June 2023, he proudly wore that shirt on one of his best days and said, “It’s been eight years & now, we here.”

All in all, he has recovered from where he was at the lowest point of his life and has walked up a successful ladder.