Tom Higgenson Has A Special Insta Account With His Son

Last Updated : December 10, 2023

Singer Tom Higgenson and his son Lennon Higgenson [Photo: Instagram/higgypop]

Tom Higgenson has welcomed a son named Lennon Higgenson with his partner. Although they are proud parents, the couple has yet to tie the knot.

He is extremely close to his child and constantly shares pictures of him and his baby boy on social media. Moreover, they also have a special Instagram account.

Higgenson and His Son Love Tasty Brews

The singer and his baby boy have created an Instagram account named Beanie Babies, where the duo posts images of enjoying some tasty brews and occasional photography.

The two’s first post was in July 2023, where they enjoyed some ice-cold Starbux. Higginson sipped a cold brew with heavy cream and three sugar-free vanilla pumps while Lennon tested the new Oleato golden foam cold brew.

Tom Higgenson and his kid have created a special Instagram account [Source: Instagram]

The father and son duo enjoy coffees from various places and rate them. They have given their reviews on them. Nevertheless, they enjoy quality time together, evident from the photos they share on their social media.

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The Father-Son Duo Has a Great Bond

The singer shares a close-knit with his child. He has continuously shared his memorable moments with his little one on social media.

Undoubtedly, he is raising his child well. He always makes time for Lennon despite his busy schedule. When he performs, he also sometimes brings his kid with him.

In September 2023, the musician shared some wonderful behind-the-scenes photos from the ‘Red Flags’ video shoot and asked fans whether they saw his baby’s cameo at the end of the video.

The music and the atmosphere of the video were well-received. Someone then suggested that Lennon would be taller than him.

The father-son duo also has gone on several vacations together over the years. Higginson also visited Griffith Observatory in April 2017, which was his little guy’s idea to see all the locations from La La Land.

Tom Higgenson and his kid share a close relationship. [Source: Higginson’s Instagram]

The singer also thanked his little guy for making him daddy. Many sites claimed that he welcomed his kid in 2009. Nevertheless, it’s unknown since he hasn’t shared the exact date.

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Who Is Higgenson’s Baby Mama?

Higgenson’s baby mama is Angie Chavez, a makeup artist. She also shares a great relationship with Lennon.

In 2017, she posted a photo of her kid while he performed at the Plain Whitets show for the second night in a row. “This kid amazes me EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. I’m so in love and so proud of my little man,” she stated.

Chavez works as a makeup artist professionally. It has been her dream since she completed high school and earned her associates.

The foundation of her career began with her very first job working for the cosmetics empire Estee Lauder.

Angie Chavez is the mother of Tom Higgenson’s baby [Source: Chavez’s Instagram]

Her passion for creating beauty led her to the Joe Blasco Makeup Center East in Orlando, Florida, where she graduated with a diploma in professional makeup artistry in 2003. Her thorough training has equipped her with skills in all parts of media makeup, including special effects and hairstyling.

She gained her esthetics license in 2011 and can now provide personal grooming and skincare services to her clients upon request. Apart from her child with Higgenson, she also has twin girls from her previous relationship.

Higgenson and Chavez have already separated. She is now enjoying her life with her new partner, Keye Voigt.

Angie Chavez has welcomed twins from her previous relationship [Source: Chavez’s Instagram]

On the other hand, the singer’s current relationship status is unknown. Still, he has also been linked to several women previously, including Delilah DiCrescenzo, who inspired his song ‘Hey There Delilah.’

He met her through a mutual friend in 2002 and developed feelings for her, but she had a partner then. He penned the song to express his affection for her.