Tracy Walder Uses Her Skills To Protect Her Husband & Daughter

Last Updated : October 22, 2023

Former CIA Officer Tracy Walder and her family [Photo: Facebook/ben.walder.1]

Tracy Walder, a former spy, decided to have a husband and start a family after her stint in some of the best intelligence agencies in the world.

However, Walder wanted to do it on her own accord and with freedom. Besides, after getting married, she could not kick her old habits and has used them to protect her family.

She Shared Safest Ways To Travel With Her Family

Walder, a former CIA and FBI agent, uses the skills she has learned to protect her husband and daughter while traveling.

Recently, she shared a few tips and tricks for traveling safely, including which hotel rooms to book. According to her, she only books rooms between the third and sixth floors.

Walder also mentioned locking the bolted door and placing the doorstopper adds extra security.

She said, “My husband, Ben, 44, teases me about it, and while it’s unlikely someone will break in, the reality is that hotel staff have a keycard to get into your room.”

Moreover, it has also been revealed that the former agent places AirTag bracelets on her daughter and her luggage while on a trip abroad.

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Married For 13 Years

Before she was in a relationship and got married, Walder was previously a CIA and FBI agent. At the time, the former spy wanted to start a family but could not due to the required measures.

According to her, the secrecy and the instability were not something she wanted to linger around her family. Besides, after quitting her job as an agent, she met Ben in 2005.

The couple went to a UCLA/USC game for their first date.

The Former Agent And Ben At Their First Date [Photo: Ben Walder’s Facebook]

Additionally, Walder took her husband to a shooting range on one of their dates. At the time, she taught her partner a few things about guns.

Eventually, she moved to Dallas in 2009 with Ben and began teaching in Flower Mound.

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Her Husband Is an Orthodontic Specialists

Walder’s partner is engaged in dental care and is one of the pioneers of orthodontic treatment. He attended the University of California, Los Angeles, for Dental and Orthodontic Residency.

After his graduation, Ben published in Orthodontic Journals and had the opportunity to serve as a board position for the American Dental Association.

Walder’s partner has been practicing orthodontics for over 14 years and was awarded the UCLA section of orthodontics awards and the American Association of Orthodontists awards for his works.

Wadler’s Husband Is An Orthodontic Specialist [Photo: Texas Orthodontics’ Facebook]

Growing up, Ben never could afford orthodontic treatment, which affected his self-esteem. So, he set his goal to make braces affordable for everyone.

His products are made in the USA, and Ben’s offices are designed to create a friendly and warm atmosphere for the visiting patients.

According to Wadler’s partner, it was a joy for him to watch his patients smile, which has also become one of his fond memories in his line of work.

Shares a Beautiful Daughter With Her Husband

After leaving a fantastic career behind her, the former agent lives in Texas with her husband, Ben Walder. The couple have a gorgeous daughter named Sarah Grace.

She was born in June 2015; as of 2023, Sarah is eight. Walder and her husband have made their daughter’s birthday memorable and celebrate it yearly.

Tracy Walder With Her Husband And Daughter [Photo: Ben Walder’s Facebook]

Further, the three of them spend a lot of time together and, throughout the years, have attended and visited numerous places and destinations.

For instance, the whole family went to the Taylor Swift concert in April and shared their joyful experience on Facebook.

Moreover, they have also visited Hawaiin Falls and Montage Big Sky in recent years.

All in all, the Walnder is enjoying her life with her husband and little one.