Val Garland, Who Was Previously Married, Seems To Be Single Now

Last Updated : February 26, 2024

Makeup Artist Val Garland [Image: Instagram/thevalgarland]

Val Garland, a well-known London-based makeup artist, was previously married. While she has talked about her former husband, the status of her current relationship remains a mystery.

Despite gaining immense fame in the makeup industry, Garland has managed to keep some aspects of her personal life hidden from the media. So, is she seeing someone, or is she single?

Garland’s Current Relationship Status

The makeup artist has made quite a name for herself because of her professional success. She has gone through many ups and downs, but her determination has never withered.

The successful makeup artist, however, appears to be single. Her social media gives zero to no hints about her love life, as she has made posts about her professional ventures.

Her current relationship status is unknown. [Photo: Instagram]

Also, while growing up in Bristol, she saw girls growing up, getting married, and having kids. Unlike them, she wanted to have a career.

Furthermore, even if she is seeing someone, she might be trying to protect her loved one’s privacy. There is also a possibility that she might be focused on building her professional career and achieving more success. Nevertheless, Garland seems to be enjoying her life.

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Met Her Husband While Working As a Receptionist

While Garland has made a name for herself as a successful makeup artist, it is not something she had started with. In fact, she initially worked as a hairstylist before changing her career plans.

Garland grew up with a sister who was a hairdresser but never wanted to do it career-wise. Nevertheless, she would also cut her hair and wear lots of makeup. She dropped out of school and started working at a salon in Bristol as a hairdresser.

However, hairdressing was not something she enjoyed. She then worked as a programmer at the British Gas Cooperation. However, on her first day, she put her notice in after realizing she was not going to get paid for four weeks.

Following that, she began to work as a receptionist for Rolls Royce, a British Aircraft Cooperation. There, she met Terry, a drummer who would later become her boyfriend and then her husband.

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Her Former Husband Was the Reason Why She Went Back to Hair

Terry insisted Garland go back to hairdressing, but she didn’t want to. However, he knew somebody with a salon, so she decided to go with it. They did several hairdressing shows, and she was paid by commission.

So, Garland was paid well, and she also got to travel around the country doing seminars. Eventually, the couple tied the knot. The couple went out to get food one Friday night as he had no gig.

At the time, Garland’s hubby stated he was bored, and she, too, was. Then, he revealed that he wanted to go and live in another country.

The makeup artist thought her hubby would say France or New York. Instead, he suggested Australia, and they ended up in Perth three months later.

Garland and her then-life partner moved to Australia. [Photo: Instagram]

Fourteen months in Australia, she had her first salon. Starting off very small, initially, it was just her and her clientele. Later on, she hired a person who would employ others, and the cycle continued.

Eventually, she had a salon in Sydney. In an interview with Office Magazine, she talked about her experience. She stated,

“I had a salon in Perth, I had a salon in Sydney. It was a well talked about salon, because we were very British and we didn’t do normal, boring things. You went there, you heard the latest music, you had the best coffee.”

“INXS and Kylie” used to go to her salon in Sydney. But she eventually switched her career and got into makeup.

Divorced Her Ex-Hubby and Started Doing Makeup

Despite her salon running well, Garland got bored with hairdressing again. Most of her clientele were photographers. She did a test shoot as a makeup artist and decided she would stick with running salons and never work in fashion.

Her photographer friends always used to suggest Garland do makeup. So, when the makeup artist didn’t turn up, they insisted her to do it. She did makeup with what she had in her makeup bag, and those pictures went into a magazine.

Eventually, the magazine asked the photographer who would ask for her, and she finally got an agent. Everything felt like it was in the right place, prompting Garland to make a huge decision.

She divorced her hubby, sold her salon, and moved back to the UK. She finally turned to makeup and has not turned back ever since. Unfortunately, information about her ex-spouse remains a mystery.