Zoe Francois Met Her Husband In a Dance Club

Last Updated : December 10, 2023

Pastry Chef Zoe Francois and her husband, Graham Francois [Photo: Instagram/zoebakes]

Zoe Francois has been blissfully married to her loving husband, Graham Francois, for over three decades. Their relationship has stood the test of time, and they are still head over heels for each other.

The lovely lady and her spouse were fated to meet as they ran to each other out of coincidence.

Francois’ Husband Was a DJ When She First Ran Into Him

Francois met her hubby in 1986 at a dance club in Burlington, VT. There, she was dancing, and Graham was the DJ composing the rhythms. He was a pretty bold guy and went up to the dance floor, where the lovely lady was putting out some moves.

Then, he asked her out on a date. The couple started dating somewhere around 1986 and got engaged in 1987.

They happily enjoyed each other’s company and married five years later on the perfect summer day at his parent’s house on Lake Champlain in August 1991.

The couple enjoyed their big day with cases of Perrier-Jouët, dancing, and beautiful wedding cakes from her mom’s best friend and her grandma, Ellen.

Francois and Graham have gone gray together and still have wild hairs. [Photo: Instagram]

The ceremony was filled with cakes and very little in the way of food that she recalled. The day was perfectly homespun, ending with their family and friends swimming in the lake, which wasn’t even planned.

Everything from the food, flower arrangements, and the vases at the lovebirds’ wedding was homemade by their friends, family, Graham, and herself.

The couple danced all night to music composed by a DJ, and she threw herself into it. The duo has been dancing, eating cake, and sometimes falling ever since. Francois and Graham have journeyed, helping each other become the people they were meant to be.

Recently, the duo celebrated their thirty-two wedding anniversary, and they never stopped having wild hair and building things together. Further, the artisan has also warmly wished her beloved husband.

Overall, the lovely couples are living a fulfilling life and have gone grey together.

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Graham Is a Director at Slalom

Francois’s life partner, Graham Francois, is an experienced director working at Slalom. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Vermont. Initially, he was a freelance Art Director/Designer for over eight years.

He entered the professional world as a Senior Designer/Art Director at Aveda. There, he was promoted to Director of New Media after over two years. Afterward, he was the Architect/Lead Developer and webmaster in Room and Board for over six years.

After that, his career took a giant leap when he worked for Solution Design Group. At first, he was a Senior Java Consultant in the legal and Financial Transaction Services Industry for over a year. Then, he was promoted to Senior Java Consultant in the health and Fitness Industry for almost two years.

Graham Francois is currently a director. [Photo: Francois’ Instagram]

Then, he became a Senior Java Consultant in the marketing and Communications Industry. Moreover, the smart guy was also a Senior Java and Front End Developer in the IT Service Industry. And as a consultant for more than eight years.

Her Spouse wasn’t done with this company as he then became a Solution Architect in the telecommunications Industry, then a Solution Architect and Travel Industry Solution Architect in the telecommunications industry for a certain period of time.

Graham became a Solution Architect for over three years. Plus, he was promoted to Practice Lead for three years. Finally, he was done with that company after working for fifteen years and four months.

Afterward, he became a Senior Principal in Slalom and was promoted to its Director. Besides his professional career, the talented guy has kept his Instagram private.

Nevertheless, Francois’s husband has had a professional career with a balanced personal life.

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Their Lovely Children

Francois and Graham are blessed with two great kids who have already grown up. Her first kid, Henri Francois, is 24 years old, and her second kid, Charlie, is currently 22 years old.

Further, the baker’s eldest son enjoys baking with her, and she shares those precious moments on Instagram. Both have baked Henri’s favorite dessert, cheesecake, and other baked cuisine like soda bread pizza, Pie key lime, and many more.

francois-and-her-eldest kid-have-together-baked-cheese-cake
Francois and her eldest son have baked a cheesecake together. [Photo: Francois’ Instagram]

Furthermore, her son, Henri, has already graduated and is a full-stack software engineer. She has been so proud of his achievements that he is one of the most resilient and talented people she knows.

Well, her youngest kid, Charlie, hasn’t appeared much in the limelight and enjoys a private life but has been seen with her mother in the kitchen. However, he at times appears on her Instagram.

For instance, Francois warmly wished him on his 21st birthday. She has said that he will always be her baby boy and is immensely proud of the man he has become.

Similarly, she wished her eldest son during his 24th birthday just a few months ago and questioned in surprise how he could be 24. All in all, Francois and Graham are proud parents of two sons who are leading a successful life.