Learn Interesting Facts About Alencia Johnson, Including Her Parents

Last Updated : November 21, 2023

Founder and Chief Impact Officer Alencia Johnson [Photo: Instagram/alenciajohnson]

Alencia Johnson, born to her parents, who are followers of Christianity, is a native of Virginia. She has been named to EBONY Magazine’s “Power 100” list of influential African Americans.

She founded 1063 West Broad and has worked on many presidential campaigns with former and current U.S. presidents.

Her Father Is a Reverend

Johnson’s father, Rev. Tommie L Bailey, is a generous pastor who is always prepared to help anyone he meets. He wasn’t a pastor during the initial years of his professional life.

At first, he joined the military after leaving his mother’s home, and there, he learned many life lessons and gained valuable experiences.

After gaining much experience, he reconnected with the lord again and said that his mother’s god became his god. Her father was licensed to preach by Pastor Herbert L. Dickerson and was an associate minister at Bethlehem Baptist Church for many years.

Eventually, he founded the Good Samaritan with his wife. It is a non-profit organization providing necessities for the needy people in the community. Furthermore, he has received an undergraduate degree in IT and an associate degree from Strayer University.

She is Tommie’s beloved daughter, and he is also proud of her achievements. After her surprise on 2016 Father’s Day, her dad smiled and said, “That’s my girl,” it reminded her to pursue her dreams with confidence in the lord. Nevertheless, her father is a talented and humble preacher of god.

She Is Close With Her Mother

Johnson’s mother, Valencia Bailey, has also helped her husband professionally and personally. They founded the non-profit organization and the House of God Tabernacle of Orange.

The lovely lady is a teacher who has taught about the Word of God. Besides her professional life, she has kept her social life away from the limelight. Johnson wished her mother a happy birthday and said in another post that she looked just like her mama.

Alencia Johnson’s lovely mother is a teacher. [Photo: Johnson’s Instagram]

They also attend events sometimes, and her mother has taught her to turn pain into strength and triumph. Overall, she is blessed with great parents who pushed her to face her fears.

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Johnson’s Birthday Falls on the First Week of September

She revealed her birthday through a tweet in September 2019. On that day, she rolled out a plan to build on the Governor, Jay Inslee’s commitment to climate.

And, during the year 2021, she celebrated her birthday with the most amazing people until the early hours of that morning.

Johnson has celebrated her birthday in productive ways. [Photo: Johnson’s Instagram]

Furthermore, she is her parents’ only daughter and grew up in a church in Virginia. Her parents had taught her to care and be compassionate for those around her. She is now a successful founder and chief impact Officer at 063 West Board.

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Net Worth From Her Years of Work

Johnson is a hardworking girl and has amassed her net worth while working in different sectors. She has an estimated net worth of more than $300 K and began her career as a News Intern at WTKR-TV for four months.

Then, the lovely lady gained much experience as a News Intern from Fox 5 Washington, DC/NBC 4 Washington, DC, and WAVY-TV. After that, she stepped into the professional world and became a Communications Specialist at GEICO for two years and four months.

Johnson is enjoying her successful and luxurious life. [Photo: Johnson’s Instagram]

Further, she also served as Surrogate Booking Coordinator for Obama for America for eight months. After that, she spent six years and four months in Planned Parenthood Federation America while serving in different positions.

Moreover, Johnson then worked as National Director of Public Engagement in Warren for President for nine months. In 2020, she worked as a Senior Advisor in the contract for Biden for President. Currently, she is the founder and Chief Impact Officer at 1063 West Broad.

Nevertheless, she enjoys a comfortable life after working for many years in reputed sectors.

Has Not Talked a Lot About Her Love Life

Although the lovely lady has been on many presidential campaigns and in the limelight, she has yet to reveal her romantic life. Johnson has uploaded photos with her friends but has mentioned little to nothing about her relationship.

Johnson had enjoyed her friend’s wedding. [Photo: Johnson’s Instagram]

She has congratulated her friend for his achievements through her Instagram post and has also been in her best friend’s wedding ceremony. All in all, she is leading a stable and prosperous life. And is yet to reveal about the man of her dreams.