Alexis Walters Is Set To Get Married In 2025

Last Updated : December 14, 2023

FOX 8 Meteorologist Alexis Walters with his Partner Antonio Campana [Photo: Facebook/AlexisWaltersWKBN]

Alexis Walters and her soon-to-be husband, Antonio Campana, made the decision to get married after spending a considerable amount of time together.

The duo are extremely happy to start the next chapter of their life. There are still over six hundred days remaining to prepare for the couple’s wedding.

Still, More Than 600 Days to Get Married

Walters and her lovely partner, Antonio, are getting married on September 6, 2025. The pair’s wedding reception will be held at Lake Shores Beach House Madison in Ohio.

The charming couple is extremely happy now as they are starting a new phase of their life. The duo spent much time together, took several vacations, and always supported each other.

Then, in September 2023, he finally proposed to her in Italy. She revealed her engagement on live television. When Wayne Dawson, the morning anchor, asked her whether she had any ideas, Walters shared some of the signs she missed.

She said that some things were not adding up, like he went to a morning walk at 4:30 and couldn’t sleep the whole time.

Alexis Walters and her partner are going to get married in 2025 [Source: Walters’s Instagram]

However, she professed that she hadn’t expected it. In addition, she also shared some of her pictures from her engagement, flaunting her ring.

“And what better way to say “that’s amore” than to get ENGAGED in Italy,” she penned. She is so excited to spend the rest of her life with this amazing man. Walters also tweeted, expressing her happiness and gratitude for having him in her life.

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Walters Met Antonio Through Mutual Friends

Alexis met her soon-to-be husband, Antonio, shortly after starting work at FOX 8. The two initially met through mutual friends and started dating.

After spending several years together, he finally proposed to her, and now they are set to exchange their wedding vows in 2025 with their friend, family, and relatives.

Her partner also shares a close relationship with her parents. Walters posted a photo of herself with her mother, father, and boyfriend, all spending time together. She added that she and her family have a fun day every year.

Alexis Walters and her love met through mutual friends [Source: Walters’s Instagram]

This year, they returned to Youngstown and spent the day golfing at the Avalon, as well as attending her favorite Italian festival at Briere Hill. She also saw some old pals and overate. She doesn’t post much about her spouse but constantly praises him.

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Who Is Walters’s Soon-To-Be-Husband Antonio?

Antonio, Walters’s fiancé, appears to be private as he has kept his Instagram account private.

Since 2015, he has become a partner in Steel Valley Processing and Black Lion Products. Furthermore, he served as Penn Ohio Leasing’s partner for four years, from 2016 to 2019.

He graduated from Kent State University with a degree in business administration and management.

He is licensed to manufacture structural and bridge codes in accordance with PennDOT Bulletin 15 and D1.1 & D1.5.

Alexis Walters’s partner is a private person. [Source: Walters’s Instagram]

In addition, his skills include CNC, strategic planning, truck driving, welding, ironworking, stamping presses, bending, shearing, and continual development.

Well, Water has been having fun with her lover. She posted a photo of herself and her companions after a weekend getaway at Hocking Hills in July.

Moreover, she shared a photo of the two of them taking some of their favorite kids to their first Cavs game just a week ago.