Andrew Klavan and His Wife Are Still Going Strong

Last Updated : December 6, 2023

Edgar Award Winner Writer Andrew Klavan and his wife, Ellen Flanagan [Photo: Facebook/aklavan]

Andrew Klavan and his beautiful wife, Ellen Flanagan, have been married for over four decades. The two have been together for forty-seven years.

He also wrote about his marital life in his book, where he said that the couple’s marriage is far from average and has been a lifelong romance. Klavan adores and craves her presence, which has remained unchanged for over four decades.

Believes His Wife Is a Gift from God

During the Daily Wire Backstage episode The Red Wave, one person asked Klavan if it was true that he had stated that he married his wife because she was beautiful, and it took him ten years to discover she had the capacity for intellect and rationality.

Andrew Klavan with his beautiful wife, Ellen Flanagan

In response, Klavan claimed that his remarks about his spouse were just jokes. But he stated that he was pointing out that men are attracted to beautiful women.

Reminiscing about their first encounter, he mentioned that he met her when hitchhiking. He wasn’t driving a car, so he had to run to get it to pick her up hitchhiking.

He added, “I nearly killed an old lady driving around the one-way grid to get to her before anyone else picked her up because she was so beautiful.”

He emphasized that it wasn’t until years after he and his wife married that he recognized she had character depth. Klavan believes his spouse is a God-given gift.

On the other hand, as per IMDb, the charming couple met at UC Berkeley for the first time. Nevertheless, he has been madly in love with her since the day they met.

The couple exchanged their wedding vows in 1980, and their bond has only improved over the years.

The lovely couple has always supported each other. They have spent both happy and sad times together.

He has welcomed two children, Spencer Klavan and Faith Moore, with her and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Klavan’s Son Spencer Proudly Embraces Being Gay

The pair’s son, Spencer Klavan, is a lecturer in Greek at Exeter and Magdalen Colleges, University of Oxford, UK.

Klavan’s son, Spencer, has no hesitation to talk about his sexuality on social media. He openly identifies himself as gay.

He is married to Joshua Herr, general counsel for the Daily Wire, and constantly shares his picture with his partner. They have been together for several years now.

The couple met through the Log Cabin Republicans. Spencer initially shared his picture with Herr in May 2020. But it’s unknown when the two duos started dating. Nevertheless, the love birds tied the knot in August 2022.

Andrew Klavan and his husband Joshua Herr married in August 2022 [Source: Klavan’s Instagram]

Regarding his father’s support, he has always had it. In an interview, Spencer stated that he and his dad are best friends.

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Andrew’s Spouse Is a Licensed Psychotherapist

Ellen Flanagan is a licensed psychotherapist and a certified Emotionally Focused Therapy couples counselor. 

Prior to becoming a therapist and while raising her children, she used to write books and articles about work and family life, focusing on parenting.

Later, when her children were older, she went to Antioch University in Santa Barbara for graduate study. In 2007, she established her first private practice there.

After a few years into her counseling practice, she realized that while she was grounded in individual therapy, her work with couples wasn’t as effective as she wanted.

Andrew Klavan’s wife, Ellen Flanagan, is a licensed psychotherapist and a certified Emotionally Focused Therapy couples counselor. [Source: Klavan’s Instagram]

Then, she was drawn to EFT’s honesty, humanity, and proven benefits while looking for a solution to improve her performance with couples. Flanagan went through a rigorous training program and received certification in this approach.

She relocated to Alexandria, Virginia, in May 2021 to be closer to her children and grandchildren. Flanagan enjoys getting to know this vibrant town and becoming a part of the local therapist community. She is licensed in California and still continues to see clients there remotely.