Have Ben Verlander And His Girlfriend Pamela Rebora Broken Up?

Last Updated : December 14, 2023

FOX Sports Analyst Ben Verlander and Pamela Rebora [Photo: Instagram/ben_verlander]

Ben Verlander and his beautiful girlfriend, Pamela Rebora, have been in a relationship since September 2020.

The charming couple have been together for three years now, spending precious time. However, it seems like the lovely pair have parted ways since they no longer follow each other on Instagram.

Verlander and His Girlfriend No Longer Follow One Another

It’s been some time since the lovely couple unfollowed each other from their respective Instagram handles.

The duo shared numerous pictures, each with a love caption for the other, which appears to be removed now, except for a few. But the duo hasn’t officially shared whether they ended their relationship or are still together.

According to MLB Run, the duo began dating in 2020, but the MLB analyst confirmed the news that he was dating her in May 2021.

Ben Verlander revealed his girlfriend to the netizens in May 2021 [Source: Verlander’s Instagram]

The analyst shared a picture of himself putting his hands around Pamela while posing outside of Dodgers Stadium. Verlander and Rebora have spent a lot of time together since they were in a relationship.

He commemorated their first anniversary in September 2021 by sharing a picture of himself and her that appeared to be from a restaurant date night.

Furthermore, they also never fail to wish for one another’s birthday. The pair’s bond was incredible. However, it appears that they have chosen to part ways as of late.

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Has Verlander Already Moved on?

Even though Verlander’s breakup with Rebora hasn’t been official yet, there have been doubts about whether the two broke up, and he seemingly has already moved on.

While Rebora hasn’t been seen with anyone else yet, Verlander posted a picture with Elizabeth Maynard in November 2023. “Halloween at the World Series? In Texas? Yea, we got that covered,” he penned in the caption.

Nevertheless, it’s not clear whether the two were in a relationship or just friends, as neither of them has clarified.

Ben Verlander shared a picture with Elizabeth Maynard [Source: Verlander’s Instagram]

Maynard is a fashion model who frequently shares her beautiful lifestyle pictures on Instagram. In addition, she is also a Ford model and has gathered a considerable fan following on her social media handle.

Well, looking out at Rebora’s past relationship, she dated a guy named Dylgonzo on his Instagram account. Unfortunately, he has already passed away and she gave him a tribute in an Instagram post.

She posted a photo of herself with him in 2019 and stated that her biggest love and best friend was taken from her. Rebora was permanently altered because when he departed, a piece of her died with him.

She professed that he was her person from the moment she met him, and he inspired her to be a better version of herself. Ultimately, she said that he had always been her angel and was now her angel from above.

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Verlander’s Previous Relationship

The MLB analyst was reported to be dating model and actress Alexandra Daddario. The rumored couple reportedly met through his brother, Justin’s wife, Kate Upton.

Shortly after, the duo was seen together in Florida, and rumors began that the two were dating. Moreover, he was with her at a post-Golden party, and they were both at the Super Bowl.

Daddario has appeared in a number of films, including the revived Baywatch. Around the time of the film’s release, there was speculation that she was dating Zac Efron, but she ended the rumor in an interview with E News, saying they were only good friends.

However, she has never confirmed whether she dated Verlander or not.

Ben Verlander was rumored to be dating Alexandra Daddario [Source: Verlander’s Instagram]

His brother, Justin Verlander, is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Houston Astros of Major League Baseball. Justin is married to his wife, Kate Upton, in December 2017.

All in all, things appeared to be fine for Ben and Pamela at the start of the year, and perhaps they will soon reveal what occurred or whether they are still together.