Netizens Speculate If Blaire White Is Still With Her To Be Husband

Last Updated : November 30, 2023

Blaire White

Blaire White and Joey Sarson were in a romantic relationship with each other. After their engagement, he was her to-be husband, moving one step closer to marriage.

However, it has been quite some time now, and many wonder if the to-be-married couple is still together. White also moved to LA for her fiance but later notified her fans that she was leaving that place.

Are Blaire White and Her To-Be Husband Still Together?

People are curious to know if White is still together with her fiance or not. In one of the YouTube videos about them, one user also commented, “They broke up a long [explicit] time ago this is dumb.”

In 2021, Sarson uploaded a picture and mentioned on his Instagram that he couldn’t wait for the wedding. However, the updates on whether their wedding happened are unavailable after that.

Blaire White and her partner Joey Sarson. [Photo: Joey Sarson’s Instagram]

Many also showed concern in that post and questioned whether they were still together. One of the users even penned, “Are they still together?? Her recent podcast episode made it seem like she’s single.”

White’s partner once uploaded a YouTube video featuring his parents, friends, and White in May 2023. It was a family reunion vlog in which he also showed his fiancee, and both had a great time.

In the same vlog, one of his subscribers mentioned his mom calling White his wife and her daughter-in-law. Many were glad to see them together and having a wonderful time.

However, they haven’t updated their fas if both have walked down the aisle. They may want to keep their relationship details private from prying public eyes.

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Had Previously Called Off Their Engagement

Blaire White and her to-be husband, Joey Sarson, had their engagement in June 2018. They were engaged for a year, but later, she called off her engagement as they had a rough time.

She reasoned that alcohol was the culprit, which caused a rough time for them. Joey used to have drinking outbursts, and the bad behavior he showed after being drunk made her upset.

Once, he became overdrunk during her birthday, and his bad behavior at the party upset her. They went to San Francisco for their birthday, and she noted it was ruined due to this incident.

Blaire White called off her engagement in 2019. [Photo: Blaire White’s Instagram]

Another time, the incident occurred in a club, and the situation became even ten times worse than the birthday incident, which took place because of alcohol. His drinking outbursts were terrible, which messed up their love life.

Although they called off their engagement, they thought their relationship was worth fixing. In the fixing process, Joey dedicated himself to not drinking, which again shaped their romantic life better.

Also, Sarson noted he fixed a lot about himself while going through this problem. They also believed in using engagements to iron out the problems during this process.

The loving birds were not engaged at one point but were again engaged by overcoming those difficulties.

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White Turned Many Heads With One Of Her Posts

Several netizens began questioning her partner when she uploaded a picture with Justin J Governale. Also, Governale penned American’s Couple in the comment section of that post.

As a result, netizens questioned if White was still single, and this Instagram post surprised many. One of the users commented, “What happened to the other fiancé?”

Regardless, many are still looking forward to her wedding update and all. White and Sarson have also collaborated on many videos, but their marriage details remain under wrap.