Brian Sella Has a Wife!

Last Updated : November 20, 2023

Vocalist and Guitarist Brian Sella [Photo: Twitter/tfbboards]

Brian Sella is a well-known indie rock band, The Front Bottoms’s guitarist, lyricist, and lead vocalist. Despite being in the limelight, he has kept his personal life, including his wife or girlfriend, under wraps.

Nonetheless, he has divulged that he is married. He disclosed in an interview that he tied the knot and stated that one of the titles of one of his albums was inspired by his nuptials.

His wedding inspired the title of one of his albums

Sella kept his dating life out of the spotlight. He never shared a picture with his girlfriend on the social media platform.

Even though the singer has kept his partner’s identity hidden, he announced in an August 2020 interview with The Alternative that he was married.

Furthermore, he also revealed that the title of his album, In Sickness & In Flames, was inspired by his wedding. It was released in August 2020.

He said the title was inspired by the “in sickness and in health” component of traditional wedding vows. Furthermore, he went on to say that the sickness part came from the emergency surgery on his appendix.

Brian Sella was diagnosed with appendicitis and had emergency surgery in December 2019 [Source: The Front Bottoms’s band Instagram]

The “In flames” line comes from a separate incident he and his bandmate Mat had with a property they were very connected to and had worked closely with that caught fire.

Nonetheless, it is unknown when he married his wife and when they began dating.

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He First Talked about Having a Girlfriend in 2017

The singer first talked about his partner back in 2017. He revealed that he had a girlfriend in a September 2017 interview with

The interviewer questioned, “Where did “You Used to Say (Holy F*ck)” come from, and why did you choose it to set the stage for Going Grey?”

Then he explained an incident when he was with his girlfriend. He said he had slipped back a little bit and hooked under the tree branch after a couple of hours while kayaking in the Colorado River with his lover.

Then he began to tip, and his kayak began to fill with water. His girlfriend screamed, and he became terrified and dropped his paddle, which floated away.

He was battling for his life when he exclaimed, “Holy sh*t!” Fortunately, they both survived the terrible incident. Later, when he returned home, he wrote the song on it.

However, it is not known if the girlfriend he talked about in the interview is his wife. He seems to have mastered the art of keeping things private from the prying eye of netizens.

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The Married Guy Is a Well-known Singer

Brian Sella was born in the United States on June 3, 1988. As aforementioned, he is a lead vocalist of the indie rock band The Front Bottoms.

He and former member Mathew Uychich first played as a duo named The Front Bottoms. He also used to work at a grocery store in between tours.

The band is technically made up of vocalist and songwriter Brian Sella and drummer Matt Uychich; however, while on tour and recording, they are assisted by many crew members.

Brian Sella is a well-known singer who is a lead vocalist of the indie rock band The Front Bottoms [Source: Sella’s Instagram]

They met in their hometown of Bergen County, New Jersey, after performing music together as friends since they were children. Shortly after Sella started college in 2007, the two began playing and writing as The Front Bottoms.

In the years following their founding, the two self-published several albums and EPs with the assistance of Uychich’s brother (also named Brian), including the most notable full-length album, I Hate My Friends, released in 2008.

Since then, they have released multiple albums and songs that the audience loves. Now, the band is famous all over the world.