Brittany Begley And Her Husband Got Married in 2006

Last Updated : December 19, 2023

Meteorologist Brittany Begley

News personality Britanny Begley has been married to her husband for more than a decade. She is a very private person regarding her marital life and her beau.

She rarely posts about her hubby on her social media handle and uploads images of her work the majority of the time.

Begley Rarely Posts About Her Husband

The stunning traffic reporter and her spouse exchanged wedding vows in 2006. Since then, the pair have been together.

The two have always been supportive of one another and helped whenever needed. However, till now, she hasn’t shared any details about her husband.

She rarely posts her partner’s picture on special occasions.

In September 2015, she wished her husband their ninth anniversary.

In addition, Begley also asked the netizens to suggest to her what she would get him as a gift on their special day. Then, netizens flooded the comment section with congratulations messages.

Brittany Begley and her husband tied the knot in 2006 [Source: Begley’s Facebook]

She hasn’t revealed her husband’s name yet but constantly mentions the name Joe. Could it be her husband? Begley stated in July 2018 that she wanted a kitten and asked how to convince Joe to let her have one.

Furthermore, she also shared a story in 2015 after her husband accepted his dream job in Ohio, and she had to exchange her traffic badge for the morning mom badge.

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Once, Both Begley And Her Husband Felt Unappreciated

The reporter and her husband have gone through a lot regarding their marriage. But there was one thing the pair just couldn’t come to terms with, and that was chores.

When the duo got married, they had nothing, whereas they spent their honeymoon on a rod trip, listening to a mixed CD and eating fried chicken.

They were in their early twenties at that time. Then, five years later, they had a son and a dog and were handling their careers.

It was hard for them to manage the household, but the two never talked about it until the toilet paper roll was not on the holder in the bathroom.

She remembered thinking that she was tired of feeling like an unappreciated maid. She resented that she was spending her days off cleaning, but it never seemed like it got anywhere.

The news personality questioned, “Why was there ALWAYS something to clean?! Wasn’t he supposed to help too?” Even though she was mad about the toilet paper, she was clearly upset about something bigger and that changes were necessary.

Begley and her husband blamed each other and yelled for fifteen minutes. After that, she found herself quite surprised that her partner felt the same way as she did, “unappreciated.”

Brittany Begley and her husband felt unappreciated [Source: Begley’s Facebook]

Later on, the pair decided to divide chores based on their like. Both of them agreed not to complain unless the chore wasn’t completed. Furthermore, they also started using to keep track of their duties.

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Begley Is A Mother Of One

Begley and her partner are blessed with a son, Chance. The pair welcomed their lovely child in March 2007.

In August 2018, he was in middle school. Later, after two years, the duo’s child reached eighth grade.

She constantly shares stories about her experiences with her son Chance, along with pictures of him.

Brittany Begley and her partner have welcomed a son, Chance. [Source: Begley’s Facebook]

One instance is of him getting airsick.

In February 2019, she shared the incidents that happened to her while traveling with her son. The reporter had to carry him like a football down the airplane aisle, trying to get to the washroom quickly.

In addition, they also have been asked to de-board a plane within seconds of sitting down with her screaming son.

She paid a flight attendant twenty bucks for a fancy Gap white t-shirt after her son threw up all over.

Nevertheless, she has been raising her child well. She is a Mom trying to figure out life, work, school, marriage, and parenting.

Well, the lovely couple is now enjoying their time with their kid. Hopefully, she will share more of her husband.