As Per Bronagh Tumulty’s Previous Tweets, She Has a Husband

Last Updated : December 14, 2023

WGN Reporter Bronagh Tumulty [Photo: Facebook/bronaghtumulty]

Well, it’s common for people who appear in the limelight to keep their personal matters private. Many celebrities prefer to keep things away from media scrutiny.

Likewise, Bronagh Tumulty has yet to reveal her love life, which has made people curious about it.

Tumulty’s Husband Is From Chicago

Tumulty, an Irish immigrant, met her husband from Chicago and fell in love with him. As he is from the windy city, he could possibly be a Bears fan.

Tumulty had a wonderful wedding with her husband, who is from Chicago. [Photo: Twitter]

One day, the reporter was exchanging information about a severe situation with Rob Spurlock. And she asked him if they could talk to his daughter on the phone.

However, her daughter was concerned about getting her spouse in trouble because of the phone call. Afterward, she responded humorously and said she often does that to her partner.

Further, Tumulty and her husband had a fantastic wedding in Windy City, Chicago, in March 2016. And she announced that she was back at work after their fantastic ceremony.

Twitter users in the comment section congratulated her. One of her co-workers said, “Oh my gosh, I was just thinking about you! Congratulations, and welcome back! We missed you![SIC].”

After their grand wedding, the reporter was ready for a haircut. She was excited that it was finally happening to her.

Overall, the lovely lady had a fabulous wedding with her beloved spouse and is blissfully married.

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Has Not Shared Anything About Her Marital Life

Tumulty is entirely private when it comes to her romantic life. Her social media handles are full of her professional life, including her work and colleagues.

Besides those tweets, she hasn’t talked much about her relationship/marital life. The reporter has a great sense of humor and has shared those moments with her colleagues. And on Valentine’s Day, she was given chocolates in a heart-shaped box.

It was none other than her work husband, John. The playful lady hashtagged that gifted calories don’t count. Further, she was also seen with a sweet guy during a fun morning hike.

Tumulty was given chocolates on Valentine’s Day for her work spouse. [Photo: Twitter]

The Irish girl looked close to him and shared a photo collage of their hike. They had walked to Timpanogos Cave National Monument. Further, she has uploaded another picture with the same dude.

The sweet guy got his new photography job in August 2019 in Denver. She said he would do amazingly well and had been torturing her with potatoes.

In the picture, both looked close and were smiling at the camera. However, they have yet to state their relationship’s status officially.

All in all, Tumulty has kept her romantic life away from the limelight and has revealed little to nothing about her partner.

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She Wore a Wedding Dress at Work

The creative report not only delivered clever lines during the broadcast; she also entertained people with her unique ways of reporting.

One day, she had worn a wedding dress at work. And a user on Twitter penned that she had worn it three times that week.

Further, she replied that the attire had made her feel fancy and promised that she would try to stop wearing it.

The reporter wore wedding attire at her work. [Photo: Twitter]

On camera, the reporter said she would wear that dress regularly and was carrying a bouquet. Then, she reported about Rebecca Rees, a single mother and a serial entrepreneur.

Ress bought all the forty-nine wedding dresses with business in mind. However, that didn’t go as planned, and those attires needed new homes.

The sweet lady said that she wanted to give them to single moms. Nevertheless, Tumulty had a significant interaction with Ress and, at the same time, entertained the audience with her glamorous attire.