Cameron Brink’s Boyfriend Taught Her How to Surf

Last Updated : December 4, 2023


Cameron Brink is happily dating her boyfriend, Ben Felter. The charming couple has been together for a couple of years.

They’re having an amazing time together. Brink’s beau has also taught her how to surf. Then she appreciated him, referring to him as the best teacher.

Brink Called Her Boyfriend a Best Teacher

The American college basketball player is taking surfing lessons from lover Ben Felter and has given him a social media shout-out.

She shared an image of herself wearing a red and white checked bikini at the beach with her beloved partner. She also posted a snap of them wearing matching black wetsuits. Then, she captioned the post, “The best teacher.”

Nevertheless, she seemed to have learned to surf from her fantastic partner. The two spend a lot of time together at the beach.

Cameron Brink’s boyfriend taught her how to surf [Source: Brink’s Instagram]

After she shared the picture, netizens couldn’t stop themselves from writing a “beautiful couple” in the comment section.

The Stanford Cardinals star and her partner are usually seen updating about their relationship on Instagram.

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Marked Two Years of Togetherness This Year

Brink and Felter celebrated their two years together in March by sharing a picture of themselves drinking wine.

The duo started dating in March 2021. However, she initially introduced her partner to the netizens only four months later.

She posted a bunch of images of herself where they were having fun and captioned the post, “Me & You,” with a love emoji.

Brink and Felter share a close bond. They have always been supportive of each other’s careers.

In addition, Felter has been an unwavering supporter of her since the start of her career and even attended her basketball games.

Cameron Brink and her beau, Ben Felter, celebrated their two years of togetherness in March [Source: Felter’s Instagram]

Moreover, both of them always remember to wish each other on their special day. She is proud to call him her partner, and it’s an honor for her to love him. She said that he was the light of her life.

They spent a lot of time together and have gone on several vacations. Brink has always balanced her work and personal lives. Her Instagram is full of posts regarding both her business and personal life.

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Ben Felter Is a Portfolio Analyst at the Defense Innovation Unit

Brink’s partner, Ben Felter, is currently employed at the Defense Innovation Unit on a part-time basis as a Portfolio analyst.

Ben has an outstanding academic record and was admitted to Stanford on an athletic scholarship. He has been a starboarder for Stanford’s rowing team since 2021. Since then, he has appeared twice on the spring Academic Honor Roll of the Pac-12.

During his stay on the squad, he has rowed in three- and four-seat boats. He is currently studying with a major in Computer Science.

Ben Felter currently works as a Portfolio Analyst At the Defense Innovation Unit [Source: Felter’s Instagram]

In 2022, he joined the finance company Kaladin as an intern in software engineering. After three months, he went to Riverside Research as a program manager. He still works there part-time.

Felter completed his high school diploma at Palo Alto High School. He currently resides in Palo Alto, California, United States.

He is currently dating the basketball star, Cameron Brink. The two have been spending their precious time together.