Cheryl Porter’s Husband Is The Man Behind The Succesful Woman

Last Updated : November 30, 2023

Cheryl Porter With her husband

Cheryl Porter has been married to her husband, Guido, for over two decades. In September 2000, the charming couple exchanged wedding vows. In 2023, they celebrated their twenty-three wedding anniversary.

They have a strong bond. He is still her best friend and greatest supporter.

Team Work Made the Dream Work for Porter and Her Husband

The vocalizer has garnered an enormous fan following from all around the world. Without her hard work and husband’s support, she might not have been where she is now.

Her spouse spotted her doing a singing masterclass in Italy in 2003. He adored the lesson and was taken aback because he had never seen her coach before.

She was new to coaching but fell in love with assisting singers right away. When they got in the car, he told her that the rest of the world should know how good she was at this.

Cheryl Porter’s husband is the man behind her successful career [Source: Porter’s Facebook]

Guido, her spouse, was determined for her to become a vocal coach after that day. He developed her YouTube channel as well as her website. In addition, he captured and edited every video and minute detail.

Porter’s spouse saw something in her that she did not recognize in herself. People were drawn to her, and netizens admired her.

She was at Times Square in October, preparing for her appearance on TODAY with the Hoda & Jenna show. “What an incredible journey and I’m so grateful for this amazing man that is my has changed the course of my life,” she went on to on the post dedicated to him.

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Returned to Italy After Three Years

In April 2023, Cheryl Porter and her partner returned to Italy after three years. They had left for the United States with only two bucks in her wallet and an ambition of starting an online singing class.

At first, they had expected to be gone for two weeks in the US, so they packed two pieces of baggage and left their residence. They fled just in time as Italy became ground zero for the pandemic and stayed for three years.

The bank was going to seize their home and car at that time because they had spent all of their savings on developing The Cheryl Porter Vocal Method.

The vocalizer vowed to herself that the next time she returned to Italy, she would fly first in class, and she did.

Cheryl Porter and her spouse returned to Italy after three years [Source: Porter’s Instagram]

They returned in April to where it all began their journey, the place where her husband started filming her vocal lessons and uploading them to YouTube. They were unaware that those videos would change their lives forever.

The couple had kept the two bucks in their wallets as a continuous reminder of where they had begun and how far they had progressed.

She felt like she had been taken back in time when she returned to her house when she walked into it.

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Porter’s Husband Is a Shy Person

Porter’s hubby is a shy person. He made his wife a famous personality, but he prefers to keep out of the spotlight.

Every year in December, she celebrates her partner’s birthday. She always remembers to wish him a happy birthday.

For instance, in 2020, she wished him a Happy Birthday, stating, “He is the sweetest, kindest, smartest man in this world, which makes me the luckiest woman alive!”

The charming couple has been enjoying their blissful married life. They always spend precious time together.

Cheryl Porter’s partner is a shy person [Source: Porter’s Instagram]

She hasn’t welcomed her child yet. But she coaches a large number of children. In 2020, she posted a video of herself training her granddaughter Roberta Natalini.

Both Porter and her husband are each other’s best pals. She is grateful to her spouse and everyone who helped her overcome a difficult stage of her journey.