Netizens Speculate Chriselle Lim Cheated On Her Husband

Last Updated : November 24, 2023

Chriselle Lim
Chriselle Lim [ Photo: ]

In September 2023, Chriselle Lim shared a post featuring some snaps from her Madrid trip, and one of the photos was of her side hugging a guy with his face unrevealed. But, one of the comments said the love she wrote was Sebastian Manes.

Since Lim has been seen with Manes several times, people might have assumed them to be a thing. They even speculated her affair with him led to her divorce from her husband, Allen Chen.

Truth Behind Her Cheating Rumors

Rumors have spread that Chriselle Lim cheated on her husband, Allen Chen. Many netizens have discussed whether she is behind the divorce, expressing their opinions on social media.

So, they discussed her cheating rumors on Reddit. One of the users even shared that she was only cosplaying the single mom act or victim card, claiming that Lim was dating Sebastian Manes.

Chriselle Lim is divorced from her husband. [Photo: Reddit]

People also considered that she has brought up the topic of single mom and family, but there was no mention of her ex-spouse on her social handle. They expressed he was likely a super-involved spouse and father.

However, all these speculations remain uncertain as there is no proof evidence. The details remain vague if she cheated on her spouse and only put out the single mom act.

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Lim’s Divorce From Her Husband

Chriselle Lim was previously married to her life partner, Allen Chen. They were together for eight years before deciding to divorce and transition into new lives afterward. In 2019, the former duo even celebrated their wedding anniversary by committing to share more years.

However, Lim and her spouse divorced in 2021, and she shared the separation news through her social media a year later. They took this step for a new beginning to evolve into their most authentic selves.  

Chriselle Lim and her partner, Allen Chen, [Photo: Chriselle Lim’s Instagram]

Moreover, the former couple will continue to co-parent their daughters. Their family and friends have also supported them through this change.

In July 2022, Lim went on her first official family trip with their family since divorce. It was difficult for her, but Lim’s family accepted her decisions and never backed down to support their daughter.

Furthermore, Lim’s father was the one who comforted her while she was going through a divorce. She compliments him for having her back during hard times & loving her unconditionally.

The beautiful lady feels she has no words to describe her gratitude toward her father. Nevertheless, although it was hard, they were both ready to move on from the mutual decision to start a new chapter.

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Co-Parents Her Daughters With Her Ex-Husband

Chriselle Lim and Allen Chen welcomed two kids when they were married. Following the divorce, they have been co-parenting their children and have transitioned the girls to their new normal life.

In addition, Lim has stated that she has become a better parent by co-parenting. Moreover, the new normal hasn’t affected the lives of their children. Lim initially worried, but it turned out that their kids were incredibly resilient and adaptable.

Chriselle Lim with her daughters. [Photo: Chriselle Lim’s Instagram]

The digital influencer is also doing anything possible as a single mother. She wants to be an example to her girls that one can be a single mother, work passionately, and be independent, handling all of it.

Furthermore, Lim is happy to show them what a happy and resilient mom looks like. She also thanks her father for being the backbone of the family during this co-parenting journey.