Is Daron Malakian Still Dating His Girlfriend Gayané Kay?

Last Updated : November 27, 2023

Daron Malakian

Daron Malakian and his girlfriend, Gayané Kay, AKA Gayané Khechoomian, were reportedly dating. But, the pair kept their romantic life relatively private.

Well, Malakian mostly posts about his profession on his social media handles and has once collaborated with his partner. Their low-key nature has made fans wonder if they are still together.

The Pair Has a Low Social Media Presence

Malakian and his girlfriend, Kay, have yet to make posts about one another on their social media handles besides some photos during their tour in 2017. In August 2017, she shared a lovely picture of them at the port in Marseille, France.

Malakian and his girlfriend enjoyed their tour in 2017. [Photo: Facebook]

Users in the comment section complimented their relationship and said, “Cuties.”According to Kerrang, the musician had visited Disneyland with his partner, Kay.

He strolled, boarded rides, and admired the vision of the park’s founder, Walt Disney, in Anaheim, California. However, Malakian has mainly posted about his profession on his social media and has rarely shared the pictures with his partner.

He once credited his partner for snapping a photo during Christmas of 2020. Overall, they haven’t shared much about their romantic life and have rarely mentioned and shared about one another.

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Malakian Has Collaborated With His Girlfriend

Malakian and his lover Kay have worked together to produce a song named Dictator, even though they are from different fields.

They made a song where he expressed that people with political awareness won’t ever follow in the footsteps of dictators. He also wrote lines like “Soldiers marching, War is coming” to represent how politicians spread propaganda to threaten individuals.

Malakian and Kay have produced a song together. [Photo: Malakian’s Instagram]

The song has spread the message that the dictators’ manipulative nature would not influence those aware of that situation. Furthermore, Kay has announced the silent auction for their guitar, Ibanez, with fresh signatures from all System of a Down band members.

Furthermore, the amount gained from that auction would go to the Bridge of Health nonprofit, which funds cancer treatment for children in Armenia. The lovely lady has provided the link for the people interested in the bid.

Nevertheless, they have supported one another in their creative field and to help others in need.

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Find More About Gayané Kay

Malakian’s lover, Kay, is an attorney and has served as the Armenian Women’s Bar Association’s Chairwoman. She is an attorney licensed in California and Illinois.

Kay is an accomplished attorney. [Photo: Kay’s Facebook]

Further, the lovely lady is experienced in transactional law litigation across federal, state, and international jurisdictions, including the International Criminal Court and the United Nations.

She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from UCLA and received her professional law degree, Juris Doctorate, from the Loyola Law School, Los Angeles.

She was an Armenian student studying in the US. Furthermore, she began her professional career as an Editor at Yerevan Magazine for two years.

Then, she was in an Enforcement Unit of the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. After serving there for four months, she became a U.N. assistant to the Khmer Rouge Trials. Further, she also worked as Director of Operations for the Armenian Bar Association for two years.

Additionally, she served as a Chambers in the International Criminal Court for four months and as a Legal Consultant in Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), U.N. Currently, she is the Chairwoman at the Armenian Women’s Bar Association for eleven months.

She isn’t the only child of her lovely parents, as she has two sisters, Anna Khecum and Alina Ananian. The attorney had also shared a picture with her family during the 2018 Christmas.

Furthermore, just a few months ago, she had celebrated her sister Alina’s wedding in the fourth-century Geghard Monastery in Armenia.

Considering the scarcity of their posts, it’s yet to be discovered if Malakian and his partner are still together. Moreover, he was also in a previous relationship with a model, Jessica Miller, who is now married to Lars Ulrich.

Overall, neither has mentioned anything about the other in a long time.