David Helman Left SPEAK and Joined FOX Sports

Last Updated : December 8, 2023

FOX Sports David Helman [Photo: Instagram/davehelman]

David Helman hosted the chat show Speak for nine years and amassed a large fan base. People enjoyed seeing him in the show.

Unfortunately, he had to depart after nearly a decade of work. He confirmed the news of leaving the talk show via Twitter.

Announced on Twitter That He Had Left Speak

The journalist announced that he left Speak, a talk show, through Twitter in June 2022.

He stated that the information about him leaving was true, mentioning that it was his last week with the Dallas Cowboys.

In addition, he went on to say that he had no idea how it had happened, but nine years had flown by. Helman couldn’t thank Derek Eagleton enough for the chance and the people who helped him get this far into a surreal career.

David Helman confirmed that he left the talk show Speak [Source: Helman’s Instagram]

He has an illustrated career in the chat show. People have loved him in the show over the years. They said he was the best thing on the show, far better than others.

Nevertheless, people have no clue why he was leaving the show. He left the folks in the dark, as he hadn’t revealed why he departed.

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Helman Accepted a Job at FOX Sports

Shortly after he left Speak, David Helman disclosed that he had secured a FOX Sports job covering the Dallas Cowboys.

He added, “So, you’re not actually getting rid of me. Starting in July, I’ll be right there with you for all the usual shenanigans.” Many netizens then began to compliment him.

David Helman joined FOX Sports after leaving the talk show [Source: Twitter]

He claimed that he would begin working for FOX Sports in July 2022. He was ecstatic about the opportunity and all the fun he would have with the new members. Helman thanked netizens for listening and following along with him all these years.

Fox Sports also officially announced him in July 2022 as a Dallas Cowboys reporter, where he would contribute across the network’s digital platforms, including NFL on Fox, FoxSports.com, and Fox Sports app.

He was entering his 10th season covering America’s Team at that time. Helman provides daily insight and commentary on the NFL’s most recognizable franchise.

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Has He Returned to Speak?

The video of David Helman was shared on Speak‘s official Instagram page in February 2023, sparking debate about whether he might return to the talk program.

Many people on the internet were questioning if he was still on the show. “Where are you? Are returning to Speak,” one user wondered.

People expressed their desire for him to return to the show. They said James Jones was right, but Dave was the calm voice amid the Cowboy’s rage.

Netizens wonder if David Helman returned to Speak after the talk show posted a short video of him [Source: Helman’s Instagram]

Nevertheless, that was the last time he was seen in the Speak. He is working with FOX Sports, and it is reasonable to assume he isn’t returning to the talk show.

Nevertheless, Helman has become an integral part of the team with his vast experience. Having spent nine seasons covering the Cowboys for their official website, DallasCowboys.com, he even won a regional Emmy.

He received the award in 2018 for his role in producing “Dak Prescott: A Family Reunion” about the time of Prescott, who was a quarterback at Mississippi State.